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Region 10 Education Service Center is one of 20 regional service centers established by the Texas State Legislature in 1967 for the purpose of providing services to the school districts within a defined geographic region. Regional service centers are non-regulatory, have no taxing authority, and provide services for which participation is voluntary on the part of the local school district. Region 10 Education Service Center, located in Richardson, provides services that impact more than 750,000 students and 65,000 educators in 80 public school districts, 41 Charter Schools, and numerous private schools in the 8 counties (and portions of a 9th) in north Texas that comprise the Region 10 Service Area.



The mission of Region 10 Education Service Center, a dynamic learning community, passionately committed to educational excellence, is to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of students and other stakeholders by building partnerships and providing a wide array of high quality, innovative products and services, efficiently and economically.

Adopted April 12, 2006 by the
Region 10 ESC Board of Directors


The purposes of Education Service Center Region 10, in partnership with its client school districts and charter schools, are to...
  • Support Region 10 school district, campus, and charter school initiatives for improving both excellence and equity in student achievement [TEC ~ 8.002 (1)];
  • Enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of educational programs across the region
    [TEC ~ 8.002 (2)]; and
  • Encourage the fulfillment of statewide initiatives [TEC ~ 8.002 (3)] congruent with the individual missions of public school districts and charter schools in the region.


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