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Kid-netic Games                             EVENT DATE May 7th, 2016


The Kid-netic Games is an annual weekend athletic event for students ages 2-22 (if still attending high school) with physical impairments such as amputations, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, muscular dystrophy, dwarfism, and other orthopedic impairments.  The event allows individuals with physical disabilities to participate in track and field, wheelchair basketball, and power soccer.  Also offered are clinics in sports and recreational pursuits such as wheelchair tennis and boccia.  The Kid-netic Games provide an opportunity for students with physical disabilities to develop friendships and gain knowledge of various sports, and produces a variety of community resources and networking opportunities for families of students with physical disabilities.





Randy Foederer

Adapted Physical Ed. Consultant

Telephone: 972-348-1570

Fax Number: 972-348-1561

Amy Talbert

Adapted Physical Ed. Consultant

Telephone: 972-348-1560

Fax Number: 972-348-1561

Kim Kantor

Adapted Physical Ed. Consultant

Telephone: 972-348-1605

Fax Number: 972-348-1561


Kid-netic Games            



Kid-netic Games Application
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Kid-netic Games Event and Practice Flyer

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