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Ron Simpson
Teacher of the Year Regional Coordinator

400 E. Spring Valley Rd, Richardson, TX  75081-5101
O: 972.348.1700  H: 972.937.8298  C: 972.824.8662  F: 972.348.1701




AUGUST 9, 2016

Region 10 ESC Teacher of the Year Celebration and Luncheon

The Atrium, Garland, Texas

AUGUST 13, 2016

Texas Rangers v Detroit Tigers, Education Night & TOY Recognition

GlobeLife Park, Arlington, Texas

OCTOBER 20, 2016

Dallas Stars v LA Kings, Education & TOY Recognition

American Airlines Center (AAC), Dallas, Texas


HIGHLIGHTS from 2015-2016


2016 Region 10 Elementary Teacher of the Year:  Lori Vincenzo, Coppell ISD  

2016 Region 10 Secondary Teacher of the Year:  Jean Streepey, Highland Park 

Texas Rangers 2016 Teacher of the Year Celebration, Region 10 & Region 11

Dallas Stars 2016 Teacher of the Year Celebration



              Stantec          Balfour Beatty 




PROCESSES for 2016-2017


2017 Teacher of the Year Application (click here for MS Word)

2017 Teacher of the Year Application (click here for Adobe PDF)


The Teacher of the Year Application and Nomination Guidelines for the year 2016 are also available at The application may be used for multiple entries.  All information should be supplied on the entry form, or if word-processed, the form should list the same section topic headings, with pages numbered sequentially.  The application consists of an application cover sheet with the name and information about the nominee, the school and the district, as well as a section containing answers to several essay questions.


There are two deadlines that nominees must observe to qualify:

1) Friday, May 27, 2016 (signed copy of cover sheet)

First, applicants must:


  • Fill out the Cover Sheet/General Information (the page 2 of the application)
  • Sign it
  • Obtain the signature of both their principal and their superintendent


A signed copy of this cover sheet must be received by the regional coordinator at Region 10 Education Service Center no later than 5 p.m., Friday, May 27, 2016. Faxed, emailed or otherwise digitally delivered cover sheets will be accepted.

The regional coordinator will acknowledge each applicant and send to the state coordinator at TEA a list of all nominees in their region. The cover sheet is a preliminary entry indicator and may be sent in as soon as a candidate from a district is selected.


2) Friday, June 10, 2016 (completed entry, including photograph)

The Completed Entry consists of:


  • Completed application with answers to the essay questions and
  • Cover sheet/General Information page with original signatures of applicant, principal and superintendent and
  • Acceptable photograph of the candidate (to be used in publications and publicity)


The Completed Entry is due at Region 10 Education Service Center no later than 5 p.m., Friday, June 10, 2016. Faxed, emailed or otherwise digitally delivered entries will be accepted. Digital submission are preferred, if possible.


This document is considered the official entry and any failure to meet this deadline will result in disqualification. The photo may be presented digitally also or sent as a hard copy to be scanned.



  • Nominees should answer the entire application form cover sheet and essay questions and not exceed the page limitations.
  • Nominees are urged to be brief and succinct in their written responses, focusing on their most significant experiences and characteristics.
  • Please double check for spelling errors.
  • Candidates who add a personal touch to their applications will also produce a stronger entry, as well as provide contest judges — who have a limited amount of time to evaluate each entry — with an application that is more readable and targets a nominee’s strong points.

2017 Teacher of the Year Guidelines (click here)

The state program recognizes a Teacher of the Year in both elementary and secondary categories at the regional and state levels. Participating districts or charter school holders may nominate two teachers — one in elementary and one in secondary education. However, districts or charters also may follow a process that selects one overall nominee for recognition.


In most cases, the elementary category consists of early childhood/pre-K through grade 5 and the secondary, grades 6-12.  But grade divisions and classroom arrangements may vary from district to district. In general, elementary teachers will instruct the same class throughout the day in what is regarded as a traditional grade-school setting; secondary teachers will conduct classes in subject areas in a class-period or block-time schedule to different groups of students during the school day.


Please, if there are questions regarding the eligibility of teacher candidates or the elementary or secondary categories, call the regional coordinator, Ron Simpson, 972.348.1700,, or the Texas Association of School Administrators, Jennifer Garrido, 512.477.6361,



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