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21st Annual State Dyslexia Summer Institute

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Mesquite Convention Center
1750 Rodeo Drive
Mesquite, Texas 75149


Conference Handouts

Day 1- July 27, 2016


Keynote- George McCloskey, PhD.

Executive Functions and their Role in Reading 


WA & WD - Interventions for Students with Executive Function Deficits (Part 1 & Part 2) - George McCloskey 


WB & WE - Reducing Working Memory Load in the Classroom with Virginia Gonzalez


WC & WF - ADHD and Executive Functioning Deficits:  the Linkage with Dyslexia - Mary Durheim



Day 2 - July 28, 2016


Keynote - Jan Hasbrouck, PhD.

Meeting the Needs of EVERY Reader


TA & TD - Reading FAST or Reading WELL? Let's Take Another Look at Fluency with Jan Hasbrouck

Handout 2 - ORF Chart


TB & TE- (Part1 & Part 2) Social Competence and the Learning Different Student with Laure Ames

Handout 1      Handout 2         Handout 3


TC - Technology Solutions for Students with Dyslexia with Gayle McNurlin-coming soon



Region 10 ESC's Dyslexia Program provides both regional and state assistance to districts, charter schools, universities, parents, service centers, and other entities in the area of dyslexia.

For questions relating to dyslexia in the area of professional development, assessment, instruction, or training opportunities, please contact:




Gina Mitchell, MLA, LDT, CALT

Regional Dyslexia Consultant


Phone: 972-348-1454 or

           (in Texas) 800-232-3030 ext. 1454

Fax:     972-348-1455

Melanie Royal, M.Ed., LDT, CALT, QI

State Dyslexia Consultant


Phone: 972-348-1410 or

           (in Texas) 800-232-3030 ext. 1410

Fax:     972-348-1411

Administrative Assistant 

Elaine Fackler


Phone: 972-348-1486 or

            (in Texas) 800-232-3030 ext. 1486

Fax:     972-348-1487




Dyslexia Helpline 1-800-232-3030


Dyslexia Technology

Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia


Interactive Dyslexia Handbook

Interactive Dyslexia Handbook


Dyslexia Handbook

Download Copies of Dyslexia Handbook



Order Copies of Dyslexia Handbook



Dyslexia Program Awareness Brochure for Educators and Parents



Twice-Exceptional Children

The Texas Education Agency is pleased to announce the launch of the Twice-Exceptional Children and G/T Services website. The Twice-Exceptional children website is designed to provide administrators, educators, and parents with practical resources for identifying and serving the twice-exceptional learner. Twice-exceptional students are those who perform at - or show the potential for performing at - a remarkably high level of accomplishment when compared to others of the same age, experience, or environment and who also gives evidence of one or more disabilities as defined by federal or state eligibility.


The website is organized into sections that focus on the life of the twice-exceptional learner:  student, school, and family/community. The website provides a comprehensive view of the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical needs of twice-exceptional learners. It includes a framework for identifying twice-exceptional learners and provides tools and resources districts can use to inform local policy and develop a plan to meet the diverse needs of these students. The website is available at

Twice-Exceptional "Myths vs. Facts" Quiz

Twice-Exceptional flowchart to aid in the assessment and identification of students




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