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This program provides information, technical assistance and staff development opportunities for school personnel who work with students with Autism and the parents of these students.  Professional Development opportunities are presented in a variety of formats and may include on-line and on-demand courses, workshops, small group and mentoring meetings or sessions. In addition, general information about autism spectrum disorders, technical assistance and consultation regarding specific issues also are available to individual school districts and/ or campuses upon request.  Requests that do not require an onsite visit may be made to the autism consultant by telephone, fax, email or written correspondence.




Web-Based and On-Demand Core Training in Autism

Web-based, core-training courses in autism are offered by the Texas Statewide Leadership for Autism and are housed on the Region 13 server.   Please follow links below for courses and instructions. Each course is free of charge, six hours of training, has multimedia (audio, text, and video), is open to all professionals, paraprofessionals, parent/family and community member and need not be completed in one sitting. To receive a certificate-of-completion, a short test with 70% accuracy is required.







  • TARGET: Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching

The TARGET: Texas Autism Resource Guide for Effective Teaching is designed to assist schools in developing practices from initial referral to program development and implementation with a strong emphasis on research-based and peer-reviewed strategies. As such, this guide contains six sections relative to autism spectrum disorders (AU1): (a) eligibility vs. diagnosis, (b) educational implications, (c) evaluation, (d) interventions, (e) index, and (f) a glossary. Information is presented in alphabetical order; item order reflects no endorsement or mandate. Further, decisions about which assessments and interventions to use are left to qualified individuals or committees charged with reviewing and creating programs for students with AU.


  • In-Home and Community-Based Training & Parent/Family Training and Support

This resource manual provides information, procedural guidance and practical considerations for trainers responsible for developing and implementing individualized in-home & community-based services and individualized Parent/Family Support services. This manual provides information on:


  • how to conduct a needs assessment from a collection of several sources
  • a structured interview process that investigates identified areas of need
  • how to write a written report that summarizes collected data
  • information and recommendations for goals/objectives
  • sample forms that can be used by LEAs to create forms that best fit their needs


Please contact Sheryl Myers at: 972-348-1650 or for this information.





Autism Consultant

Layne Pethick

Phone:  972-348-1588

Fax:  972-348-1589


Autism Evaluation Strand

Kay Torchiana

Phone:  972-348-1784

Fax:  972-348-1785




Technical Assistance

Requests for onsite visits should be made through the building principal and the Special Education Director of the District/SSA.  The request should be based on an individualized, specific need for instructional strategies that cannot be addressed in a traditional staff development setting.   Forms required for accessing this service may be obtained by contacting the autism consultant.  These services are available at no cost to the district/SSA.  Requests that do not require an onsite visit may be made to the autism consultant by telephone, fax, email or written correspondence.


Technical Assistance Form


Staff Development

Staff Development activities, a crucial part of this program, are designed to provide the most current information and ongoing training for staff and parents.  Information about these opportunities is made available through the Region 10 web site, flyers, and brochures.


Autism Consultant

Layne Pethick


Phone:  (972) 348-1588

Fax:  (972) 348-1589


Other Training Opportunities in the Region

Please contact the agency sponsoring these events for further information.  Personnel at Region 10 do not have knowledge of the details.