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Visually Impaired


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Supplementary Services for the Visually Impaired (SSVI) are provided in accordance with the comprehensive Regional Plan for Serving Students with Visual Impairments. Services are designed to support students with visual impairments so that they may receive an educational experience equal to their sighted peers, in order to gain academic excellence and, as a result, become successful in a variety of environments and contributing members of society.


Resources, Documents, and Links


Professional Development

VI Teacher Certification

Professional Development 2014-2015


Visually Impaired Regional Plan

Regional Plan 2013-2014


VI/COMS Evaluation Resources



ARD/IEP or IFSP Supplement

Student Service Request

REED Recommendation


Assistance / Resources

Eye Examination Report Form

Technical Assistance Request Form

Resource Brochure

Benefits of Braille: English Spanish



ARD Resources


Visually Impaired and DeafBlind Confidential Consent Forms


English                                   Spanish


VI Calendar of Events

Calendar of Upcoming Events 2014-2015




Criteria for Registration

Census Checklist



About the Texas Deafblind Child Count (Census)

National Consortium on DeafBlindness

National Family Association for Deafblind

Helen Keller National Center


Family Support

Deaf-Blind Multi-handicapped Association fo Texas

Texas Chargers, Inc.







Christy Householter
Program Coordinator for Visually Impaired
Telephone Number:  972-348-1634
FAX Number:  972-348-1569


Susan Lawrence
Consultant for Visually Impaired
Telephone Number:  972-348-1590
FAX Number:  972-348-1569