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Presenters can annotate or draw on any image displayed on the Portable Interactive Displays or “carts”.  (As opposed to drawing on a whiteboard, presenters can draw and annotate directly on top of an image on the screen!)

Presenters can display to one or all of the “carts” in the room.  (This allows for differentiation of instruction.  Groups can work simultaneously on different tasks.  For example, one group can work on what the presenter has sent to their cart screen, one group could read an article on their own devices, another group could engage in a discussion, etc.)

Participants can connect wirelessly to the Interactive Displays or “carts” to show group members what’s on their computer.  (No more squinting to see what’s on your neighbor’s screen.  This can be used to project data/information when each group is pulling from a different source.  Projecting to a cart can also take the place of a traditional gallery walk. Each group in the room can project information and annotate/draw it on their screen.)

The presenter can showcase work from any of the “carts” on the main screen.  (This is handy for debriefing after group work is completed.)