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Prevent 'Zoom Bombing'

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10 Tips to Prevent Uninvited Guests From Interrupting Your Zoom Videoconference Session   

Scroll down the in 'Settings - Meeting' menu in Zoom to adjust these items as shown:

Additional Security Tips

  • Use 'Manual Approval' for Zoom registration instead of 'Automatic Approval'
  • Use your workshop/event registration list to cross-reference the Zoom Registration list
  • Have a Co-Host who can assist by admitting legitimate participants to the Waiting Room, comparing/monitoring registrants lists, lock the meeting after it begins, and removing disruptive users from the meeting.

  1. Join before host = OFF
    In 'Schedule Meeting' menu section
     This setting in combination with a few other settings below will allow the host to fully control who can attend the meeting.

    Join before host OFF
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  2. Require a password when scheduling new meetings = ON
    In 'Schedule Meeting' menu section
    When scheduling a meeting, always require a password. This allows only those who know the password into the meeting.

    Require a password when scheduling new meetings ON
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  3. Mute Participants Upon Entry = ON
    In 'Schedule Meeting' menu section
    Mute those who join the meeting to keep noise down and give the host time to remove anyone not invited.

    Mute participants upon entry ON
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  4. Private Chat = OFF
    In 'Meeting (Basic)' menu section
    Allows for private chats between attendees that the host cannot see.

    Private Chat OFF
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  5. File transfer = OFF
    In 'Meeting (Basic)' menu section
    Unless you really need to transfer files during a meeting, disable this setting to improve security.

    File transfer OFF
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  6. Screen sharing = ON for HOST ONLY
    In 'Meeting (Basic)' menu section
    The visible content can be better controlled if only the host can share their screen.

    Screen sharing ON for HOST ONLY
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  7. Allow removed participants to rejoin = OFF
    In 'Meeting (Basic)' menu section
    Don't let someone the host has intentionally removed enter the session again.

    Allow removed participants to rejoin OFF
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  8. Waiting Room = ON 
    In 'Meeting (Advanced)' menu section
    Invitees enter a virtual 'waiting room' when they join the meeting.  The host can decide who to let enter into the meeting so uninvited 'guests' can't enter.

    Waiting room ON
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  9. Mask Phone Number = ON  (In 'Telephone' setting section)

    Mask phone number in participant list = ON
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  10. Lock the meeting after it's started
    After the meeting begins, the host/co-host can click on the Security button on their Zoom toolbar and click 'Lock the meeting' to prevent anyone else from joining.

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