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Zoom Meeting

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Important Notice for Zoom Sessions

Beginning May 30, 2020:
All Zoom clients must be on 5.0+ in order to join any meeting; GCM Encryption will be fully enabled for all Zoom meetings.

If an older client attempts to join a GCM meeting, the user will be prompted for confirmation before upgrading. 
Some versions will offer users the option to join via Web and do the client upgrade later. (Read more info here)

How to Upgrade to Zoom 5.0+

Self-upgrade through the Zoom client (5 min.)

  1. Connect to the internet

  2. Start the Zoom client, give it a few minutes, a blue title bar “A new version is available! Update” should appear. Click on “Update

    Zoom update link
  3. Your computer will proceed to update your Zoom client, depending if you have local administrative rights on your computer, you may see additional dialog boxes like these, if so, just click Yes on both boxes:

    Click Yes to publisher dialog

    Click Yes to publisher dialog

  4. Your Zoom client should now show 5.0+

Connect via Web Browser

If you (or your session participants) cannot upgrade the Zoom desktop client to version 5 on the pc or mobile device,  then join a session through the Zoom web browser option with limited functionality

Steps to connect via browser



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