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There’s always something going on at Region 10. Check out a few of our

upcoming events you might want to keep in mind.

[On Screen Graphics: June 18th - 21st Advanced Quantitative Reasoning (AQR) Presenter: Julie Frizzell Spring Valley Building] For four days beginning June 18th,

this session is for educators who will teach Advanced Quantitative Reasoning

during the 2018-19 school year AQR is a mathematics course covering

Algebra I Geometry and Algebra II. It emphasizes statistics and financial

applications, and prepares students to use algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and

discrete mathematics to model a range of situations and solve problems.

[On Screen Graphics: June 18th SLP Master's Degree Program Statewide Distance Venue - Cycle 10 Information Meeting Presenter: Karen Kilroy Spring Valley Building] There is a shortage of Speech Language Pathologists in our public schools; and

there is a program to address that shortage in Texas. This information meeting also on

June 18th, is specifically for people interested in pursuing their master's

degree in speech language pathology. You'll learn general information and get

the specific criteria for the application process. And we'll cover

bilingual certificate requirements.

[On Screen Graphics: June 21 SB-1566 Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes Workshop Presenter: Mark Keahey Spring Valley Building] Texas State Senate bill 1566 requires that

all school board members be trained in evaluating and improving Student

Outcomes. This workshop will provide a look at how school boards, can make a

difference in student outcomes through progress monitoring accountability and implementation.

Want to sign up for these or any of our many other upcoming events?

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and remember we're here to help you serve students... provide you with

excellent service... and deliver solutions that help you, our valued clients.

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