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There's always something going on here

at Region 10. Check out a few of our

upcoming events. You might want to keep

in mind the A through F accountability

system challenges us to move past the

idea of getting the bubble kids to just

pass we need to give every child the

opportunity to grow and to think at high

levels small group instruction is one

strategy for helping students move from

where they are to new levels this

session will look at the three domains

and relate them to small group ideas now

even the youngest students can explore

the vast world of computing in pre-k and

kindergarten they expand their ability

to acquire information solve problems

and communicate with others this

workshop will help you learn how to

introduce beginning coding skills and a

format that's fun hands-on and

accessible to the youngest learners the

circle preschool foundations training is

an interactive two-day professional

development session for teachers of

young children this professional

development session will cover best

practices language development

phonological awareness book reading

mathematics written expression and

letter knowledge want to sign up for

these or any of our many other upcoming

events go to region 10 org and click on

the workshop registration tab near the

top and remember we're here to help you

serve students provide you with

excellent service and deliver solutions

that help you our valued clients