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There's always something going on at Region 10.

Check out a few of our upcoming events you might want to keep in mind.

"Writing Strategies for Students with Disabilities", on February 25th.

This workshop offers easy-to-implement writing strategies that teachers of all grade levels

can begin using right away.

You'll experience engaging, interactive strategies including many of the approaches developed

by Gretchen Bernabei.

Join us on February 27th for the annual College, Career, and Military Readiness Conference.

This year's theme, "Connecting the Dots: Mindset Matters", emphasizes proactively supporting

the *whole* child in order to develop and sustain life-long success.

Keynote speaker, Dr. Caroline Leaf, will address a range of career paths, and how to motivate

students to look for opportunities.

It will be a great day at the Mesquite Convention Center, and there will be some great exhibitors

and vendors!

Did you notice that TRS added a new unit to your Year -At-A-Glance?

What is this "Thinking Like a Historian" thing?

How do you get students to "do" history rather than just "study" history?

In this workshop we'll discuss ways to take your history classes from rote memorization

of facts to true critical thinking of history, by applying research-based practices.

We'll learn how to create and develop students that are critical thinkers.

This session will also serve as a precursor to the longer "Creating History Labs" session

that delves into the work of the Stanford History Education Group, Sam Wineburg and

Bruce Lesh.

Want to sign up for these or any of our many other upcoming events?

Go to and click on the "Workshop Registration" tab near the top... and remember:

we're here to help you serve STUDENTS ... provide you with excellent SERVICE ... and deliver

SOLUTIONS that help you, our valued clients.



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