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There's always something going on at Region 10.

Check out a few of our upcoming events

you might want to keep in mind.

On July 17th, our Ethics Training will give

you an understanding and awareness of

what behavior constitutes inappropriate educator conduct,

as well as strategies to recognize, prevent

and respond to inappropriate conduct.

Those who complete this training will qualify

as trainers of trainers or ToT's.

Great coaches inspire and guide people to reach

their full potential and make a difference

at all levels of an organization.

At our Impact Coaching workshop on July 18th,

learn and apply the specialized skills,

tools and competencies necessary to coach

and transform staff and outcomes.

Improve goal setting, planning and reflective practices

and create high impact action steps

that yield immediate results.

The Perot Museum exists to change

the way kids see their futures.

To be a place to help them become the next generation

of scientists, robot engineers, mathematicians,

technology experts and more on July 19th.

This teaching and learning professional development

opportunity will provide content, material and strategies

to assist educators in meeting the needs

of students in their district.

You'll network, collaborate and make new friends

with the other teachers who attend, as well as focus

on bringing back what you learn to your classroom.

And you can bring your own kids.

Wanna sign up for these or any of

our many other upcoming events?

Go to and click on

the workshop registration tab near the top.

And remember, we're here to help you serve students.

Provide you with excellent service and deliver

solutions to help you, our valued clients.

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