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We’re all about students, service, and solutions … and here are a few upcoming events we want to tell you about this week.

On August 28th, Understanding Accountability and Data Analysis for 2018. There’s still time to register!

As you know, Texas is transitioning from the “old” accountability system to the “new” accountability system.  This workshop explains the data measures and indicators that TEA uses in the new 2018 Accountability System. The emphasis is on helping special education leaders connect the concepts and performance measures included in accountability with sound, professional-development practices and strong instructional systems that support learning for all students.

On September 4th, join us for the Pre-Kindergarten Administrator Lunch and Learn! Designed for Early Childhood Administrators with a focus on specific components of High-Quality Early Childhood Education. Build your Professional Learning Community as we brainstorm, network, and learn together. 

On Saturday, September 8th, the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas New Youth and Government and Model UN Club Advisor Training. Learn how to empower and engage middle school and high school kids in civic engagement, and how to best empower and lead teens to be responsible citizens and future leaders of our nation.

If you’re interested in any of our upcoming events, go to our website – – and click on the “Workshop Registration” tab at the top. Also, click around the homepage while you’re there. And thanks for all you do to serve students!

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