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We’re all about students, service and solutions … and here are a few upcoming events we want to tell you about this week.
School Bus Driver Online Training will be available from the 10th through the 23rd of January.
This course will provide the 8-hour state-mandated Recertification Training required for all school bus drivers every three years. And check out our Calendar of Events for other training opportunities to get you on the road as a school bus driver!

Do you have a classroom dilemma? This workshop will help you implement a solution for the struggle of classroom management in todays challenging classrooms. Build your classroom management plan to take back to your campus, and have an immediate impact on student-teacher interactions, disciplinary interventions, and difficult situations. Maximize your impact through these proven techniques.

How do you get students to "do" history rather than just "studying" history? In this workshop we’ll discuss ways to take your history classes from rote memorization of facts to true critical thinking of history by applying research based practices. We’ll learn how to create and develop students that are critical thinkers. This session will also serve as a precursor to the longer "Creating History Labs" session that delves into the creation of History Labs based on the work of the Stanford History Education Group, Sam Wineburg and Bruce Lesh.

If you’re interested in any of our upcoming events, go to our website – – and click on the “Workshop Registration” tab at the top. Also, click around the homepage while you’re there. And thanks for all you do to serve students!


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