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Panopto Demo


Region 10 is coordinating a demo of the Panopto Video Platform and you're invited!

Tuesday, August 4th - 2:00 pm

Attendance Request

Panopto is a secure, mobile-ready video platform with the following features and much more

Panopto can upload and host your videos

Panopto lets you search all videos for words and phrases both spoke and viewed

Panopto allows you to easily live stream to thousands of participants

Panopto allows for multiple camera recordings for a better immersive experience


  • Easy to Use
    One of Panopto's best features - out of many - are its easy-of-use.  Easy for instructors, easy for IT, easy for students.

  • Video Content Management
    Securely centralize and stream your videos, create playlists, optimize playback and measure viewer engagement.

  • Record Video
    Capture video feeds from any camera or screen - even multiple feeds simultaneously.

  • Live Video
    Broadcast to ten viewers or ten thousand with one-click professional-grade live streaming.

  • Video Search
    Search across your entire video library and inside videos for any word, spoken or shown.

  • Interactive Learning
    Easy to use quiz feature to test comprehension or poll viewers. Note-taking and discussion areas, side-by-side lecture window & slides, and adjustable-speed video playback creates a great student experience.

  • Engagement Analysis
    View reports showing which students watched each video, how long they watched and where they were in the video before dropping off, and more.

  • Integration
    Connect your video library into your LMS, CMS, SSO and internal portals. Use the Panopto API to integrate video reports with your existing analytics system or export reports to analyze as a spreadsheet.


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