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Administrative Leadership Training (ALT)

Upcoming Trainings

Target Audience for these Workshops: Campus & District Administrators

The cost for Charter Schools/Districts/Private Schools who have not purchased the Region 10 Administrative Services Package and non-Region 10 participants is $200 per person, per event.

Fall 2022 ALT Trainings


Date: October 11, 2022 9AM - 12PM

Location: Region 10

Topic: Safe and Civil Schools

Presenter: Jacob Edwards

ALT Leadership Strand: School Culture & Social Emotional Support

Want to improve student behavior to increase learning in classrooms?  This session will provide participants with effective systems to create safe and civil schools through CHAMPS strategies to improve student behavior.  Jacob Edwards began his career in education teaching chemistry and biology in the inner city of Los Angeles. Fueled by the belief that all students deserve an equitable, quality education, Jacob became a school leader, where he honed his ability to lead diverse teams of staff and students, improve instructional practices, and establish systems to build positive school culture. Jacob went on to become the founding principal at a middle school in Watts, California, and later led transformation efforts at a middle school in Memphis, Tennessee. Most recently, Jacob joined the Safe & Civil Schools team to continue to improve educational outcomes for all students by working with educators across a variety of school settings. He is a coauthor of the latest editions of CHAMPS: A Proactive and Positive Approach to Classroom Management and Discipline in the Secondary Classroom. Jacob will share strategies and techniques that improve student management both in and out of the classroom. His approach to school culture lowers teacher and student anxiety to increase performance.

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Date: November 2, 2022 9 AM - 12:00 PM

Location: Region 10

Topic: Documentation Training for Employee Performance

Presenter: Meredith Walker - Walsh Gallegos Law Firm

ALT Leadership Strand: School Wide Culture & School Improvement

There is no doubt that creating and maintaining an effective and efficient campus focused on providing the best educational environment for students is dependent upon educational leaders who nurture individual staff members’ talents. A successful campus is also a result of administrators who clearly communicate the expectations staff members must meet, and who provide staff members the tools and guidance to meet those expectations. Effective documentation assists administrators in achieving these goals. This session will review the different types of teacher contracts, review the documentation process, address the importance of progressive discipline plans, cover documentation strategies, and work through common scenarios for participants to apply the documentation process.

Meredith Prykryl Walker represents public entities in all facets of litigation, including employment, student matters, and special education. Meredith is an experienced trial attorney whose practice also includes the defense of public entities in appellate matters in state and federal courts. Through a responsive and calculated approach, Meredith counsels public entities on a daily basis, particularly with respect to potential discrimination claims. Meredith is a proud product of public schools and feels privileged to work with educators and school districts to navigate litigation when it arises. Along with her wins in the courtroom, Meredith provides extensive training to school personnel, fellow attorneys, and other business entities on a variety of topics directly impacting school districts and their employees in order to prevent litigation and avoid legal pitfalls on a day-to-day basis.

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Date: November 29, 2022 9AM - 12:00PM 

Location: Region 10

Topic: The Miracle Starts Here for Improving Your School

Presenter: John Hodge

ALT Leadership Strand: School Wide Culture & School Improvement

Have you ever become discouraged after you've worked hard and the results did not reflect your effort? Have you ever, just for a moment, let the thought cross your mind that the barriers to educating all students might be too overwhelming to overcome? This presentation will inspire participants to reflect on the true purpose of education and their role in ensuring that all children reach their fullest potential. This session will provide research based strategies to close the achievement gap and unleash the miraculous power of collaboration to create excellent schools.

Dr. John W. Hodge is president and co-founder of Urban Learning and Leadership Center (ULLC), an organization focused on student achievement and reduction of the achievement gap. He has served as a reading teacher, English teacher, AVID teacher, Assistant Principal and Associate Director of AVID Center Eastern Division. He has also served as Director of An Achievable Dream Academy, an inner city school that piloted many of the interventions used by Urban Learning and Leadership Center.

What sets Dr. John W. Hodge apart in the field of education is his well-documented ability to put research and theory into everyday practice in rural, urban and suburban schools. Dr. Hodge has helped educators in elementary, middle and high schools make the necessary changes to help all children meet and exceed rigorous academic standards. He is truly one of America's most respected new voices in education.

Prior to starting his career in education, Dr. Hodge distinguished himself in the service of our country with the 7th Infantry Division of the United States Army. He is known as a master teacher and staff developer.

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Date: December 13, 2022 9AM - 12PM

Location: *Online/Virtual* Session

Topic: How to Improve Instruction Through Instructional Leadership Coaching

Presenter: Opal Dawson.

ALT Leadership Strand: Instructional Coaching

Opal Davis Dawson is an author, educational consultant, coach, and a retired principal with nearly 30 years of experience in education. She has taught, led, and consulted in Title I and non-Title I schools, and her work spans small, large, urban, rural, and suburban districts. Dawson supports school leaders, district leaders, and teachers nationally and internationally in planning and implementing improvement initiatives, capacity building, and supporting high academic achievement for diverse student populations and instructional best practices. She has presented at conferences and major meetings on topics such as formative assessment, professional learning communities, classroom management, school culture, and leadership. She has worked extensively with educators to adapt protocols for analyzing student work that help them understand the effects of their professional practices and plan their instructional next steps. This training will engage educational leaders in the process of maximizing coaching and feedback to improve instruction.

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