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Administrative Leadership Training (ALT)

Upcoming Trainings

Target Audience for these Workshops: Campus & District Administrators

The cost for Charter Schools/Districts/Private Schools who have not purchased the Region 10 Administrative Services Package and non-Region 10 participants is $200 per person, per event.


2023 - 2024 Administrative Leadership Trainings - FALL

Dr. Stephen PetersDate: December 12, 2023.  9AM - 12PM

Location: Region 10

Topic: How District Leadership Can Give Hope to At Risk Students

Presenter: Dr. Stephen Peters - Superintendent/Consultant/Author

ALT Leadership Strand: Instructional Leadership; Strategic Operations; Executive Leadership

Stephen Peters is a former Superintendent who will share a refreshing look into the positive side of public education. Peters will share practical systems and strategies that guide educational leaders through the development of a culture that gives hope to at risk students.

The training will emphasize the following important concepts:

  • Schools that operate at a high level of success are creating meaningful transformations because of a dedicated and committed group of individuals who understand synergy, today’s youth and themselves.
  • Belief systems can act like filters in the brain, influencing the way we see the world. Successful schools understand that their beliefs have the potential to drive their actions as they interact with students and each other.
  • Successful schools establish a culture based on relationships, aligning belief systems and reciprocal respect.
  • Successful schools empower collaborative teams and engage their staff in purpose driven data analysis.

Stephen’s book, Choosing to Believe: Creating a Framework for School Success (Peters Group Foundation), is an award winning finalist for the 2010 International Book Awards. This educational tool provides a comprehensive framework for school improvement. He is also author of the best-selling booksDo You Know Enough about Me to Teach Me (Peters Group Foundation) and Teaching to Capture and Inspire all Learners (Corwin Press). Both books are used throughout the U.S. as effective tools for changing and sustaining school culture. Stephen is a contributing author for the Educational Leadership series Engaging Every Learner (Corwin Press). In his book Inspired to Learn: Why We Must Give Children Hope (Rising Sun Publishing), Stephen not only outlines his vision for the children in our schools he goes on to share how he and his staff turned their vision into operational strategies.

Peters has served on panels as an education expert with former U.S. Secretary of Education, Dr. Rod Paige in Washington, D.C. He also serves on university and educational advisory boards.

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Spring 2024

Date: January 9, 2024.  9AM - 12PMJoe Martin

Location: Region 10

Topic: The Five Phases of Teacher Retention

Presenter: Dr. Joe Martin

ALT Leadership Strand: Human Capital; Executive Leadership; School Culture

Teacher retention is an important topic in education today. How can districts continue to grow and retain their best and brightest teachers. Dr. Joe Martin will share research based strategies to identify traps that impact retention as well as ways leaders can avoid these traps to increase teacher engagement and self-efficacy. Dr. Martin had the distinction of becoming the youngest tenured-earning faculty member ever hired to teach at a state university in Florida at the age of 24. He also had the distinct honor of being the youngest professor at his institution to be nominated twice for the “Distinguished Teacher’s Award.” In addition, he has taught students at all levels in K-12, including Title I, alternative ed, and gifted students. As an educational speaker and consultant, he has trained more than 260,000 teachers and administrators during the course of his career.

Dr. Martin has addressed more than 750 organizations, associations, businesses, colleges and universities, churches, and school districts, helping hundreds of thousands of students and staff members across the country achieve more, live and serve more passionately, and maximize their leadership potential. The Association for the Promotion of Campus Activities selected him as their national “College Speaker of the Year,” and he has also been nominated for the “Lecturer of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine. Outside of education, he has worked as a top sales trainer for a Fortune 500 company and as a public relations professional for both the state and federal government, including a position as Communications Director with the Florida Governor’s Office.

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Date: February 8, 2024.  9AM - 12PMMeredith Walker

Location: Region 10

Topic: How to Successfully Terminate on Non-Review Chapter 21 Contracts

Presenter: Meredith Walker - Attorney - Walsh Gallegos Law Firm

ALT Leadership Strand: Human Capital; Executive Leadership; Instructional Leadership & Coaching

The process to terminate or non-renew Chapter 21 contracts is simple - just not easy. Strong leaders create systems of accountability to support the process of effectively terminating or non-renewing employees/teachers on a Chapter 21 contract. This session will review the different types of teacher contracts, the documentation process, the technical importance of termination and non-renewal conversations, and work through common scenarios for participants to apply best practices.

Meredith Walker represents public entities in all facets of litigation, including employment, student matters, and special education. Meredith is an experienced trial attorney whose practice also includes the defense of public entities in appellate matters in state and federal courts. Through a responsive and calculated approach, Meredith supports public entities on a daily basis, particularly with respect to potential discrimination claims.

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Date: February 29, 2024.  9AM - 12PMLeann Nickelsen

Location: Region 10

Topic: Teaching the Instructional Cha-Chas

Presenter: LeAnn Nickelsen

ALT Leadership Strand: Instructional Leadership & Coaching; Observation & Feedback; Lesson Alignment/Formative Assessment

How can educational leaders grow their instructional teams to continuously improve instruction through lesson alignment and formative assessment? LeAnn Nichelsen is the author of the book Teaching the Instructional Cha Chas. This session will merge educational neuroscience with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction. LeAnn Nickelsen will share a four-step cycle of instruction—(1) chunk, (2) chew, (3) check, and (4) change—that has the power to double the speed of student learning. Compatible with any subject area, she will present brain-friendly teaching strategies and plentiful tools that are designed to help transform students into active learners and independent thinkers. Educational neuroscience- and research-based teaching strategies to improve student achievement:

  • Combine brain science with a formative assessment process and differentiated instruction to maximize student learning.
  • Examine effective teaching strategies and differentiation practices so you can bump it up or break it down according to student needs.
  • Consider the four-step instructional cycle and understand the components of chunk, chew, check, and change.
  • Explore how the formative assessment process can double the speed of learning.
  • Learn how to plan instruction and pre-assess efficiently so that daily learning targets and formative assessments enable each student to meet standards.
  • Receive templates and teaching strategies that can be easily differentiated and implemented in daily lesson plans.

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Date: March 28, 2024.  9AM - 12PMSteve Ventura

Location: Region 10

Topic: The Leader's Role in the Instructional Process: Implications for School Leaders and Instructional Coaches

Presenter: Steve Ventura

ALT Leadership Strand: Executive Leadership; Strategic Leadership; School Wide Culture

ALT Leadership Strand: Executive Leadership; Strategic Leadership; School Wide Culture

Why do some school leaders thrive while others struggle? Instructional leadership is significantly effective when it comes to promoting increased levels of student achievement. Effective school leaders are committed to continuous improvement and lead high-functioning schools/districts that advance the academic progress of all students.

In this interactive session, educational leaders will gain valuable insights into the essential actions needed to effectively lead and motivate teachers and coaches through a proven leadership process. This includes high expectations of students and teachers, and emphasis on high-leverage instruction, professional development, and collective teacher efficacy. Today’s instructional leaders must be evaluators, evaluating the impact that they and their colleagues are having on student learning on an ongoing basis, and have a disposition to continually question what needs to be improved and what evidence is needed.

By the end of this session, participants will:

  • understand contemporary leadership actions that have the potential to considerably accelerate student progress and achievement

  • be able to start the 2024-2025 school year with the ability to transfer learning into action

Steve Ventura is the president and lead consultant at Advanced Collaborative Solutions. He is a highly motivational and knowledgeable speaker who approaches high-stakes professional development armed with practical, research-based strategies.

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