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This service is planned to assist local district and charter school special education administrators in providing a free appropriate public education to all children and youth with special needs. Emphasis is placed on providing services within the state and federal programmatic and fiscal regulations.

Professional Development

Professional development sessions are scheduled monthly for special education administrators. The focus is for improving student performance through Effective Programming.

Technical Assistance and Funding

Serve as the first point of contact for districts and charter schools seeking information or support for the federal application process for IDEA-B funding.  We also serve as technical assistance providers to any state or federal special education funding issues, such as compliant budget development, MOE, and excess cost analysis.

Accountability and Planning

  • Provide assistance to facilitate preparation of special education performance-based monitoring and ongoing compliance.

  • Assistance with development, implementation, and evaluation of continuous improvement plans.

  • Provide training and technical assistance to LEAs/SSAs to facilitate the accountability and needs assessment process.

  • Provide assistance to facilitate compliance with the State Performance Plan (SPP) Indicators and the resulting LEA Determination ratings


Provide support for appropriate and accurate PEIMS reporting for special education programs.

Facilitated IEP