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“Being my first year as an Assistant Principal learning to trust and rely on myself and others. It really gave insight to how I make personal decisions and how to help coach others.”
“Sessions are very interactive. The level of engagement is the best part; great presenters.”
“Region 10 team takes every effort in making each event enlightening, engaging and delightful.”
“Learning to communicate and take risks.”
“The interaction and ability of the speakers to connect with the audience is awesome!”
“The best part of the training that everything that was planned was applicable to any school and could be brought back to the campus.”
“Learning the trends about leadership. Practical leadership ideas and best practices that could be used readily on my campus.”
“The collaborative process of meeting others and gathering ideas and thoughts from other districts”
“The opportunities for collaboration, networking and team-building.”
“Great learning environment.”
“Excellent resources.”

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