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Texas Home Learning 3.0



What is THL 3.0?

THL 3.0 is an optional, aligned suite of resources that educators can use fully, or in part, for a new learning environment. THL 3.0 will consist of:

  • Instructional resources- PreK-12 digitized, standards-aligned instructional content customized for Texas and the current learning environment

  • Technology- Suite of technology tools including a learning management system to support student engagement and instructional collaboration

  • Professional Development-content and technology-focused professional development to support educators with implementation both in classrooms and remote settings

THL is optional for Districts to use.  They may use none, part, or all of any of the three components.

What Content Does THL Support

THL 3.0 will provide teachers with uint plans, formative & summative assessments, and supports for teachers. It will be provided:

  • PreK-12 Math

  • PreK-12 English Language Arts and Reading (including foundational skills and phonics)

  • PreK-5 Spanish Language Arts and Reading

  • PreK-5 Science

  • PreK-5 Social Studies

Professional Development for THL 3.0

Districts will have access to ongoing professional development throughout the 2020-2021 school year focused on three areas:

  • Remote learning and school models

  • Instructional materials

  • Storage, classroom, and learning management system


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