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  • Online learning monitor iconLinkedIn Learning - If your district has this or if you can afford a couple of licenses, they have entire cybersecurity training strands you can follow.

  • Udemy - A good resource that is always offering affordable courses that are even as low as $9.99 for an entire course.

  • Infosec - YouTube video

  • CBTNuggets - YouTube video


Twitter bird iconCreate your PLN by following security researchers, pentesters, blue and red teams on Twitter. The nuggets you will find on some of these accounts are incredibly worth while. This list was procured from SentinelOne. However, I will highlight some personal favorites below.


@k8em0  |  Katie Moussouris

Katie “was a hacker who founded 2 vuln research teams, wrote disclosure policies for Symantec & Microsoft, coached MS & DoD into their 1st bug bounties, & coauthored the ISO standards on vuln coordination & disclosure.”


@RobertMLee  |  Robert M Lee

Former USAF Cyber Warfare Operations Officer tasked to the National Security Agency (NSA), Robert M Lee now runs his own cybersecurity company and teaches others about his experience of dealing with advanced adversaries targeting Industrial Control Systems (ICS). A thought leader in the field of assessing, hunting and monitoring ICS threats, @RoberMLee’s busy Twitter feed is never short of interesting.


@schneierblog  |  Bruce Schneier

If you’ve ever heard of cryptography, then you already know the name Bruce Schneier. What you might not know is that Bruce is a prolific blogger about all things cybersecurity. As special advisor to IBM Security and a board member of the Electric Frontier Foundation (EFF), if it’s security and it’s happening now, you’ll likely find Bruce is on it. @schneierblog is a constant feed of links to his daily security blog and news bulletins. A great account to follow to ensure you don’t miss a thing.


@troyhunt  |  Troy Hunt

As the creator of @haveIbeenpwned, Troy Hunt is widely-known as the internet’s password security guru. He also happens to be Microsoft Regional Director and MVP for Developer Security. If you’re interested in staying up to date with the latest in web security and need to keep an eye on the details of new data breaches, @troyhunt is the one to follow.


@briankrebs  |  Brian Krebs

Surprisingly, renowned investigative cybercrime journalist Brian Krebs doesn’t have a technical background in computer security, but turned his attention to the field after his own home network was infected by the Lion worm back in 2001. If you’re looking for in-depth and breaking news on cybercrime and cybersecurity, @briankrebs should be top of your list.


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