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dig·i·tal flu·en·cy noun \¯di-je-tel ¯flü-en(t)-se¯\

Digital fluency is the aptitude to effectively and ethically interpret information, discover meaning, design content, construct knowledge, and communicate ideas in a digitally connected world.

Digital Fluency Institute (Face to Face and Online)

Program Objectives

This program provides extensive professional development for administrators, teachers, coaches, and librarians. It is offered in a blended format and consists of learner-centered activities grounded in the ISTE Standards.

  • Experience the types of learning that should happen in the classroom

  • Learn to explore and apply strategies that leverage technology for learning

  • Share your learning and contribute to the advancement of innovation in education

  • Reflect as part of the learning process in a variety of media

  • Design experiences that promote ownership of learning for yourself and others

  • Advocate for a culture of collaboration, continuous learning, and positive contributions

This academy is offered in the following formats:

  • Regional/Cluster – Offered at Region 10 and cluster locations, spread over time. 

  • Customized – Schedule and content may be customized to fit district or campus needs. 

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