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Discovery Education


Unlock the Full Discovery Education Experience! Exclusive Curated Collections, Instructional Strategies, Pre-Built Lessons, and More!

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With Content to Engage Every Learner:

  • Popular channels such as VOOKS, Sesame Learning, Phenomenal Science, Magic School Bus, The Fixies, Outrageous Acts of Science, and Cram Jams—as well as timely, relevant updates like Newsy, cheddar-12, and NASA
  • Closed-captioning, immersive reader, transcripts, text-to-speech, and native language support meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Over 500 new media assets are added every month that connect teachers to the latest updates, research, and news. 1000s of nonfiction text, audio books, songs, podcasts and more!


With Tools to Create and Collaborate

An all-new Studio enables students and teachers to build interactive presentations, stories, and reports that align with Discovery Education’s award-winning content. Integrated chat and collaboration tools support remote and hybrid group projects. Embedded Studio Quizzes let teachers check for understanding.


Single Sign-on & LMS Integration

Discovery Education also seamlessly integrates with SSO providers and Learning Management Systems, such as Clever, Brightspace, Google Classroom, Schoology, and Canvas.


Access Exclusive Content

Phenomenal Science, a Discovery Education original series, showcases compelling natural science phenomena paired with instructional activities. Each short clip invites students to observe a phenomenon, ask questions, and use their science knowledge to explain what they see and predict what happens next.

Best of Interactives from Science, Social Studies, and Math Techbooks takes students on exciting, subject-based journeys, such as coding adventures with NASA, traveling the trade paths of Ancient Rome, and solving equations at a zombie luau.


Empower Teachers with Targeted Support

SOS Instructional Strategies and ready-to-use student activities empower teachers to bring our high-quality content directly into their lessons and inspire curiosity around topics with student experiences, career paths, and self-contained lesson starters. Pre-built Studio lesson templates, built by our trusted educators, can easily be customized to serve teachers’ instructional goals.

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