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Texas Dyslexia Academy (coming soon)


Full-Day Sessions (6.0 CPEs)

Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the Regular Education Classroom (K-12)

This workshop will focus on best practices proven to support students with dyslexia in the general/regular education classroom, explore practical instructional strategies, and offer appropriate accommodation suggestions to ensure success for all students.

Half-Day Sessions (3.0 CPEs)


Dyslexia Simulation 

Experience Dyslexia ® is designed to increase awareness of the difficulties and frustrations that people with dyslexia encounter daily. This simulation experience will provide insight into working more effectively, with greater empathy and understanding for this highly remediable student identified with dyslexia.Experience Dyslexia®-A Learning Disabilities Simulation can be brought into your district. This is a fee-based event.


Dyslexia Coordinators’ Roundtable

Held in the fall and spring, the Dyslexia Coordinators’ Roundtable will address current issues pertaining to dyslexia, state law, state board of education rule, accommodations, technology, and research. The sessions are intended for personnel responsible for coordinating and implementing district dyslexia programs.


Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2 (CTOPP-2) and Test of Written Spelling-5 (TWS-5)

This full-day workshop is a step-by-step test procedure for the administration and scoring of both the Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2 (CTOPP-2) and Test of Written Spelling-5 (TWS-5). Each subtest of the CTOPP-2will be explained in detail, along with practice scoring for each instrument. Participants will learn how to use taped administration for parts of the CTOPP-2. Demonstration, practicum, and case studies will be included. The TWS-5 uses a dictated-word format to assess spelling skills in school-age children and adolescents. TWS-5 has two forms that can be administered in 20 minutes. Each form contains 50 spelling words drawn from 8 basal spelling series and graded word list. Question and answer time will follow the practicum.


Gray Oral Reading Test (GORT-5) Test Administration (1-12)

This full-day workshop will provide a step-by-step test procedure for the administration and scoring of the Gray Oral Reading Test Fifth Edition (GORT-5). Taped readings, guided practice, and independent practicum are also included in this session. Special attention will be given to explaining multiple miscue marking systems and error tally. A question and answer time will take place after participants have practiced administering the instrument. Case studies will be provided.


Woodcock Reading Mastery Test III (WRMT III): Test Administration and Putting It All Together: GORT-5, CTOPP-2, WRMT III, and TWS-5 Test Interpretation (K-12)

This full-day session is a step-by-step procedure for the administration and scoring (test administration) of the WRMT III AND the Putting It All Together (test interpretation) for the GORT-5 (Gray Oral Reading Test-5), CTOPP-2 (Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing-2), and TWS-5 (Test of Written Spelling-5). The WRMT III test administration portion of this session will be delivered first. The putting it all together portion of this session will begin upon the completion of the WRMT III test administration. The putting it all together portion of the session will provide time for questions and discussions of the administration and scoring of the above named test instruments. For the WRMT III portion of the workshop, participants are REQUIRED to bring the complete WRMT III test instrument, and at least one protocol. For the putting it all together portion of this workshop, participants are encouraged to bring practice tests to discuss.


Dyslexia: District Procedures for Revising District and Campus Plans (K-12)

Dyslexia State Laws TEC §38.003, TEC §38.003(b-1), TEC §38.0031, TEC §42.006(a-1), and State Board of Education Rule TAC §74.28 outline procedures for the identification, placement, instruction, coding, and accommodation considerations for students with dyslexia. Dyslexia State Law TEC §21.054(b) and State Board of Education Rule TAC §232.11 address continuing education for educators and current teachers who teach students identified with dyslexia. This session will help districts to understand the requirements for developing district procedures for dyslexia and/or assist districts in revising procedures that are already in place.


Customized Consultations Dyslexia

Individual districts or campuses may request a personalized consultation in the area of Dyslexia. Consultations might include tailored services, such as planning for future professional development, problem solving, explanation of state dyslexia initiatives or mandates, or addressing other needs identified by the campus or district. Region 10 consultants are eager to lend their expertise through the most useful approach possible.


Texas Dyslexia Academy (TDA) Coming Soon



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