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Professional Development Requests
We look forward to meeting your professional development needs! Please complete the appropriate form linked below.

So that we can serve you better, please complete the form as thoroughly as possible. We need approximately 3-4 weeks in advance notice to fulfill an onsite request and require at least 15 participants to attend the session. If you do not have at least 15 participants, we can publish the opportunity and make it available for other participants in the surrounding area. Please note this in your request.

Please use this form if you are requesting on-site professional development

Professional Development Request Form 

A strong foundation is vital to success.
Research supports the fact that accountability, as well as the road to college, career, and military readiness, does not begin in grade three or beyond; it actually begins in early childhood. A strong foundation in early childhood development and instructional best practices ensures that your youngest students are kindergarten-ready and well equipped for future learning.

The Early Childhood Team is here to help you establish or enhance your early childhood programs to fully meet the hallmarks of high-quality instruction aligned to the Pre-K Guidelines with vertical alignment to the Third Grade TEKS. The vital skills necessary for lifelong success are built in the early years, and with purposeful, planned, and playful early childhood programs, you will have the roadmap to begin the journey toward student success.

Early Childhood Package members have ongoing support from the Region 10 team of early education experts. We’re also ready to foster collaboration with an extensive network of early childhood professionals. We are pleased to offer research-based professional development, ongoing comprehensive support, and opportunities for networking and expansion of your early childhood community. Through this package, our early childhood team serves as a liaison between our Region 10 LEAs and the Texas Education Agency team. We seek input and guidance regarding the latest provisions and requirements from the agency related to high-quality early childhood education. Additionally, our team can help analyze your data and customize specific supports to meet your individual needs. Together, we will partner with you and your teachers to meet all the needs of your youngest learners.

The foundation built in early childhood supports all the learning yet to come. Let our team of experts help ensure your foundation is strong enough to hold up all the years that are built upon it.

For information or questions regarding membership in the Early Childhood Package, please contact Dr. Kelley Estes Jones

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