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eContracts Video Transcript


Welcome to the Region 10 eContract

system. This system will allow your

district to subscribe to Region 10

products services and co-ops for the

upcoming school year. You can access our

eContracts system by going to our

website clicking on about,

then eContracts, then on the link

provided. You may also type in the URL in order to

access the eContract system. Once you

have reached the login page please use

the login information that was provided

to your superintendent in order to gain

access to your districts contracts. If

you need assistance logging in or for

any other support issues please see the

support information provided on the

Region 10 website specifically for

eContracts, once you have logged in, you

will click on the contracts link, select

the year from the drop-down, and you will

see a list of contracts that are

available to your district. To view or

accept a contract click on the

contract title. Here you will review the

terms, select the contract options, and

accept the contract. The top section

contains the description of the product

service or cooperative and the fee

structure. Towards the middle of the

contract is a section for you to select

your desired contract options. Please

complete these fields with the

information requested. Some contracts may

ask your current ADA, number of campuses

or which options you would like to

purchase. Other contracts may require

that you accept the contract without any

options, please note the fee section as

each service has a different fee

structure and some of the fees are not

displayed at the time of signing however

these will be provided at a later date.

As you continue towards the bottom of

the contract, please enter a district

contact for each program as these names

may vary along with their contact

information. When all information has

been entered please click the green

accept button to accept the contract or

service. Once you have accepted a

contract you will be redirected to the

main contract list page accepted contracts

will be highlighted. Please take this

time to review any contracts your

district has expressed interest in and

make your selections as needed. You will

be able to print each contract for your

records by clicking the print link in

the far right column. The eContract

system also has a report section this

will allow you to print a list of all of

the contracts accepted by your district

along with the fee amount if indicated

at the time of signing. We hope you will

find a system to be user-friendly and

remind you that any support issues can

be resolved by visiting our Region 10

eContract support page. Thank you.