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This service is designed to provide technical assistance at no cost to LEAs/SSAs to facilitate the evaluation of students with disabilities.  Technical assistance for evaluation may include responding to correspondence and telephone calls requesting information and visiting with evaluation specialists as needed.

Additionally, this service provides a variety of staff development activities designed to increase local district capacity to provide comprehensive and appropriate evaluations for students with special needs.  These staff developments are included in the special education professional development calendar of events, on special flyers, and in brochures.

2019-2020 Special Education Evaluation Webinar Series Offerings

Special Education Legal Update: Flyer / Accessible Version

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Leadership Evaluation Advisory Personnel

Leadership meetings for evaluation specialists will include both diagnosticians and psychologists.  These meetings will focus on issues related to comprehensive and integrated evaluations of students (including issues related to the assessment of behavior).  Each district, SSA, and Charter School will nominate one diagnostician and one psychologist to attend these meetings.  Each meeting will be designed to share emerging information in the field of evaluation and encourage communication between LEAs. This leadership group will also consider and provide direction for future training opportunities in Region 10.

Issues in Bilingual Evaluation

This forum is to discuss and advance bilingual special education evaluation issues.  Specialist in the field of bilingual evaluation will lead discussions and trainings on state and federal regulations, current litigation, new evaluation instruments, and current research involving English language learners who also receive special education services.   All bilingual evaluation personnel may attend these meetings and share the information with other evaluation staff.

Issues in Traumatic Brain Injury Evaluation

The focus of the meeting is to problem-solve difficult cases for students with traumatic brain injury, other acquired brain injuries, and neurological diseases.  Each session will include a discussion of cases provided by district staff who are at any stage of evaluation, placement, and intervention with the student.  The sessions are facilitated by an experienced neuropsychologist familiar with school issues.  Any staff working with the student is welcome to attend.  The number of cases discussed during each meeting will be limited, though staff not presenting cases are encouraged to attend to both participate in problem-solving as well as to benefit from the discussion.

Issues in Autism Evaluation

These meetings will provide opportunities for autism evaluation personnel to talk to experts in the field, problem-solve on difficult cases and learn about new autism instruments and test batteries.  Autism evaluation personnel are encouraged to attend these meetings and share the information with other evaluation staff.

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