An ILD or AEL certificate a is co-requisite in order to be  T-PESS Certified

Texas has developed a new evaluation system for teachers and principals, The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and the Texas Principal Evaluation Support System (T-PESS).

School leadership is one of the most critical factors in developing and maintaining a culture in which teachers and students can succeed. The Texas Education Agency was charged with creating an appraisal system for public school principals that would support the new principal standards as a foundation for principal support and growth. The Texas Principal and Support System (T-PESS) is designed to promote best practices among school principals and offer a growth model to sustain professional goals.


If you are not a current administrator who is an appraiser  with a Region 10 District/Charter or Private School who has purchased the Region 10 - Administrative Services Package, the cost of T-PESS is $325 (Training + Certificate Fee) payable by a district/charter or private school purchase order/check, Master Card, or Visa and due one week prior to the session starting. 

If you have any questions regarding the registration fee, please contact Deborah Cahill.



Standards:  The Texas Principal Standards are standards that inform all phases of principal development.

Rubric:  T-PESS standardizes the evaluation process and expresses what principals should know and be able to do. The system is intended to improve communication between a supervisor and a principal with fairness, transparency, and constructive feedback. By using the results of the evaluation to guide their own professional development, principals will be able to chart a course for professional growth and development from the novice principal who is developing to an effective school leader seeking to be influential throughout the profession.


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