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Leading Goal Setting & Professional Development through T-TESS

This training walks administrators through the goal setting process as described in T-TESS.  The focus of growth minded goals and various types of support will drive this training.  Administrators will leave with various examples and structured strategies that will aid in the goal implementation.

Duration: 3 Hour

Coaching for Administrators

As administrators evaluate teachers using T-TESS, it is important to remember that the goal is for growth.  T-TESS encourages a strong instructional coaching presence from administrators and promotes coaching conversations throughout the evaluation cycle.

In this interactive course, T-TESS appraisers will take a deep dive into their role as an instructional leader through the lens of the new evaluation system.  Participants will examine the various “hats” they are asked to wear, examine the various types of teachers they may face and why adult learners learn the way that they do, and finally, examine their own leadership styles so they can begin to build capacity among others. 

Duration: 3 Hours

Texas-Teacher Evaluation Support System (T-TESS) One-Half Day Refresher

This course will deepen participants understanding of T-TESS and reflect on the implementation process.  Specifically, we will take a look at the goal setting process, how student growth works within T-TESS, take a deep dive into the rubric, reflect on success and challenges from the from your roll-outs, and discuss next steps.  This course is specifically designed for administrators that have already attended the three day initial T-TESS training.

Duration: 3 Hours

If your District/Charter/Private school is not participating in the Region 10 Administrative Services Package,
the registration for the Refresher Course is $200 per person.

Calibration Walks (In District)

From a cognitive perspective, appraising teachers is an extremely complex task.  Region 10’s mission is to make sure we are supporting appraisers over time as everyone moves into the new T-TESS system and as appraisers continue to grow.  Region 10 can assist with non-consequential calibration, meaning there are no consequences for observers based on their performance in the calibration exercises.  The process is meant to help appraisers develop the habit of scoring accurately by providing as much possible feedback on their performance as an observer.

Region 10 will send one to two T-TESS trainers out to your district to work with your trained appraisers.  With a specified group of your administrators, our trainers will walk teachers’ classrooms and then facilitate the T-TESS Rubric scoring calibration.  This process can then be turned around and used with additional administrators or even teachers. 
This training is not included in the Administrative Package - there is a fee attached to this training.

Duration: 3 Hours (Half Day) or 6 Hours (Full Day)