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Texas has developed a new evaluation system for teachers and principals, The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS) and the Texas Principal Evaluation Support System (T-PESS).

An ILD or AEL certificate is a co-requisite for T-TESS Certification


The Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System utilizes many tools that help support teacher instruction and student performance. This new system consists of:

  • an evaluation rubric
  • a goal-setting plan and
  • an embedded student growth measure.

T-TESS is intended to promote a growth mindset in educators by providing a structure to self-reflect and receive ongoing, meaningful feedback from educational practitioners.

Beginning  September 1, 2019, if you are not a current administrator who is an appraiser  with a Region 10 District/Charter or Private School who has purchased the Region 10 - Administrative Services Package, the cost of T-TESS is $450 (Training + Certificate Fee) payable by a district/charter or private school purchase order, Master Card, or Visa due when registering. 


If you have any questions regarding the registration fee, please contact Phyllis Lawler



Standards:  T-TESS is based on the newly adopted Texas Teacher Standards. These standards address six broad areas: Instructional Planning and Delivery, Knowledge of Students and Student Learning, Content Knowledge and Expertise, Learning Environment, Data-Driven Practice, and Practices and Responsibility. These standards helped mold the domains for the rubric used in the new Texas Teacher Evaluation Support System.

Rubric:  The T-TESS rubric consists of four domains: Planning, Instruction, Learning Environment, and Professional Practices and Responsibilities. The rubric is a tool that should motivate discussions about intentional support for teachers and aid teachers in self-reflecting about areas of reinforcement and areas of refinement. The rubric descriptors allow appraisers to collect targeted evidence to support teacher growth and understanding.

Evaluation Cycle:  T-TESS includes three main components: goal-setting and professional development plan, the evaluation cycle, and student growth. These components form together as a cohesive system in order to guide teachers to areas of growth and professional development. When the T-TESS system is utilized with validity, instructional changes and student success outcomes become evident.

Post-Conference:  The post-conference is designed to promote the self-reflection process for the teacher. This reflection process then provides evidence that helps construct the teacher's future goals. The post-conference is required after formal observations, must be conducted in person, and should be conducted in a timely manner.

T-TESS Teacher Handbook:  The T-TESS Teacher Handbook is a guide that can be utilized by all educators to aid in the implementation of the system and to support ongoing professional growth.


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