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House Bill 5


Tools For Local Accountability

In response to local accountability requirements, Region 10 ESC brought together focus groups to generate criteria, data measures, and rubrics for assessing the nine areas of community and student engagement. Available in two volumes, the work describes a process the committee may go through in order to conduct the required analysis. The volumes are available in hard-copy book format and online through the Curriculum Connection for members of Regional Cooperative Services at no additional fee. The system is also a good companion piece to some of the online surveys and generation systems available through other entities.

College Preparatory Courses

Region 10 districts and local area colleges and universities joined together in a formal memorandum of understanding (MOU) to co-create two college preparatory courses, required under House Bill 5, in both mathematics and English language arts. Committees representing higher education and public education worked together to create units or modules of study including specific objectives, suggested time frames, sample assessment items, and rubrics, correlations to college and career readiness standards, and suggested resources. These courses are available to participants of the MOU only at no fee and are the property of the members. Online versions are available in the Online Learning Center with an appropriate password.

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Parent Brochures – Texas Foundation High School Program

In response to requests by districts for informational material regarding the Texas High School Graduation Program, Region 10 staff has created a set of parent flyers and brochures. The brochures are highly customizable by the local district. The basic four-page brochure covers the general changes to graduation requirements and gives specifics of the foundation graduation plan. A set of inserts is available – one per endorsement – explaining what the endorsement area is, what it prepares a student to be able to do, and pathways or courses which can be accessed by individual students. A given high school may insert only the flyers for endorsements being offered at that school. It may also delete or revise the pathways quickly and easily since the brochure is available in MS Word format. Full-color copies may be ordered from the Region 10 print shop. Access to electronic versions of the brochures is available through the Curriculum Connection at no extra cost to members of Regional Cooperative Services.

Coming this Fall:
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Local Accountability

Support Tools and Technical Assistance for Community and Student Engagement


College Preparatory Courses

Professional Development for College Preparatory Courses



Accountability Changes – Webinars and Face-to-face Trainings

Online Trainings and Resources

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