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What are Accommodations and Modifications?

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What are Accommodations? 

Accommodations are changes in HOW the student accesses information and demonstrates learning.

  • Do NOT change instructional level or content
  • Provide equal access to learning
  • Can be given for ANY student, but some accommodations may be determined by 504, IEP, or other committee.

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Are Accommodations different from Modifications? 

Yes! Modifications are changes in WHAT the student is required to know or do.  

  • DO change the instructional level or content, and thus the learning outcomes for the student
  • Are given ONLY when determined by ARD committee/IEP team, and may be in addition to accommodations (don’t assume that a student in special education has modified instruction- many do not)


Does the law state that we must accommodate and modify? 

Yes!  The IEP team must determine needed program modifications or supports that will be provided to the child to enable the child to advance appropriately toward attaining the annual goals, be involved in and make progress in the general education curriculum,  and be afforded an equal opportunity to participate in extracurricular and other nonacademic activities.
(CFR §300.320; TAC §89.1050)


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