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Region 10 ESC has worked with both campus and district administrators to organize LOL experiences for their staff. LOL provides opportunities for your team of teachers to work together, form closer relationships, and have a great learning experience beyond the campus walls! 

If you are interested in arranging an LOL experience for your teachers, please contact Holly Bishop.


A note from an Assistant Director of Teaching and Learning:

“Empowering teachers to own their professional growth is the key to changing their instructional practices in a way that positively impacts student learning. The professional learning concept of Learning on Location (LOL) allows teachers to do just that. This new LOL model also aligns with the continuous growth that is woven throughout the T-TESS (Texas Teacher Support System) Domains.

As a former principal, I endeavored to provide transformative, teacher-led professional learning experiences that teachers would find invigorating but would also motivate them to improve their instructional practice.  LOL combines practical application and organic collaboration across content-areas, so teachers will walk away positioned to create experiential learning experiences for their students and to teach in engaging, innovative ways.

LOL participants will also have the opportunity to explore new venues that have invested in Region 10’s commitment to make learning experiential, social, and practical for our 120 Local Education Agencies. Jump in, join the learning adventure, and build your professional learning network along the way!”
Kristin J. Hebert