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Technical Assistance Program -Two Heads are Better than One!

Region 10 ESC offers technical assistance to all therapists within the region. If you need to problem solve/brainstorm with another therapist regarding evaluation, equipment, or programming for a particular student or on-site/partner in-services or professional development, feel free to contact us. This program is offered at no cost to the LEA/SSA. On-site Technical Assistance (TA) requires Request Form signed by the Special Education Director and scheduled with therapists. Phone TA available anytime.

Mentoring Program for Occupational and Physical Therapists

A mentoring program for OTs and PTs within Region 10 is available to support therapists new to the school environment who do not have a local therapy support system. This program connects a therapist with an OT or PT colleague to assist with those challenging first years in the school system. Mentoring is designed to provide information, guidance, and feedback to promote professional growth. This program is offered at no cost to the LEA/SSA. A request form signed by the Director of Special Education is required. 

For more information on any of the programs or additional materials, contact:

Lois Goodin, PT, DPT, PCS


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