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Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports for Classroom Management


Region 10 provides information, support, and professional development to assist districts, campuses, and charter schools in the following areas:

  • Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) - Schoolwide, Classroom and Individual interventions
  • Teacher consultation and technical assistance upon request - to assist in effectively managing student behavior in the classroom environment
  • Professional development in classroom management 
  • Crisis prevention/intervention training for school personnel (provided at Region 10 ESC and at campus sites upon request) - to deal appropriately with behavior problems and maintain an effective instructional setting
  • Collaboration with colleagues and districts - to plan educational and behavioral programming that will allow students maximum access to the general curriculum

Essential Principles and Beliefs

  1. Kids come first!
  2. Everyone in a school should be treated with dignity and respect.
  3. All students should receive frequent positive feedback on their behavioral and academic efforts.
  4. All students should perceive high expectations from school personnel.
  5. All school settings should be structured for student success.
  6. School personnel needs to establish firm and clear limits for students.
  7. Expectations for student behavior should be clear, consistent, and equitable.
  8. Student misbehavior should be corrected calmly, consistently, and immediately by the staff member that observes it.
  9. Addressing chronic student misbehavior is a collaborative responsibility.

District Request Form

Please complete the form below to request technical assistance and/or professional development (PD).  A team member will be in touch with you soon following the submission of your request.

District Request Form

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