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Principal Workshops Overview

The R10 Principal Workshops aim to ensure that new principals have opportunities to enhance their leadership resources and gain practical support in their current roles. By building capacity in new leaders through systematic and continuous learning cycles, the program directly impacts principal performance and school quality supports, which in turn leads to student success in the classroom and beyond. 

The Experience

The principal workshop will provide innovative approaches to specific events that can occur during a principalship. This approach fosters a deep understanding of effective leadership, ultimately leading to ongoing staff and student success.

Participants engage in authentic experiences that address key standards, focusing on work that supports effective performance in school leadership aligned with the Texas Principal Standards.. Led by content experts, the work sessions emphasize real-time problem-solving, solution development, application, and reflection to cultivate leadership skills and responsibilities. 

The program offers comprehensive support for new principals by:

  • Facilitating leadership development workshops.
  • Engaging participants in a principal development framework.
  • Providing updates on current trends in educational leadership.
  • Offering technical assistance and networking opportunities.


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