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Open Government

Newly elected or appointed school board members will need to acquire the following Texas Open Government Laws trainings within the first 90 days in office.  These two 90 minute video sessions linked below are offered online by the Office of the Texas Attorney General.  Links to the training videos are provided below.

1. Open Meetings Act Video

After completing Open Meetings Act Training, you may print the Open Meetings Act certificate here.

2. Public Information Act Video

After completing Public Information Act Training, you may print the Public Information Act certificate here

Additional Required Training

New board members must also complete the following trainings within the first 120 days in office

1. Local District Orientation

This training is offered by the local district and must address local practices in: a. Curriculum and instruction; b. Business and finance operations; c. District operations; d. Superintendent evaluation; and e. Board member roles and responsibilities.  Each board member should be made aware of the continuing education requirements of 19 Administrative Code 61.1 and those of the following: 1. Open meetings act in Government Code 551.005 [see Open Meetings Act Training above]; 2. Public information act in Government Code 552.012 [see Public Information Act Training above]; and 3. Cybersecurity in Government Code 2054.5191 [see CQB]. 

2. Orientation to the Texas Education Code

The Education Service Center provides this training following each school board election to familiarize new school board members with the laws affecting the governance of independent school districts as well as understanding the roles and responsibilities of school board members.

3. Evaluating and Improving Student Outcomes

The EISO training provides board members with an understanding of the accountability system as well as the goal setting requirements of HB 3.  The Region 10 ESC has trainers who are Authorized Providers for this training.  EISO sessions will be offered following each election cycle to accommodate newly elected trustees.

4. Sexual Abuse, Human Trafficking, and Other Maltreatment of Children

The Region 10 ESC has partnered with the Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center to provide this training.  Board members attending this training will gain information about identifying and reporting sexual abuse, human trafficking, and other maltreatment of children. 

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