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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I book training?  

Call any one of our Representative to book training days.  Training days are subject to availability.

Q. Are there any hidden fees?

No, all fees are built-in to the quoted price.  There is no additional billing after contract approval.

Q. What is Tier 1 Support?

Skyward districts have the option of getting their help desk tickets answered by Skyward or by the ESC.  Moving your help tickets to the service center is free of charge and easy to do.  

Q. Can I attend a workshop?

Yes.  Please check out our Upcoming Events for pricing information and how to register for classes.

Q. I am not in Region 10, can I still receive support?  

Yes. We are happy to assist other districts outside of Region 10.  Please contact Tamara Blue (Skyward Information Services Support Coordinator) for specific pricing information. 

Q. Are all training sessions onsite?  

No.  We offer remote training via WebEx as well to assist with most supported modules.  

Q. How many people can attend a training?  

We allow for up to 15 people in an onsite or WebEx training.  Depending on the complexity of the training requested, we may suggest fewer attendees.


Upcoming Events