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What is the difference between TX PACT and TExES?

The TX PACT exams contain questions assessing subject-matter knowledge only, as opposed to the TExES certification exams that include questions assessing both subject-matter knowledge and pedagogical knowledge.

TX PACTS exams cannot be used for certification. The TExES exams are required for certification.


What is the minimum passing score?

A minimum scale score of 240 out of a possible 300.


How do I obtain test approval if I am not in a program?

You do not need testing approval to take the new TX PACT. You can go directly to the Texas Educator Certification Examination Program website and find information about TX PACT. Not all applicants are required to take the TX PACT.


Do I need to take a TX PACT for admission into a program?

To be eligible for admission an applicant:

  1. shall have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 before admission or a 2.5 GPA in the last 60 semester hours on all coursework, including content specific, previously attempted at an accredited Institute of Higher Learning (IHE).
  2. seeking a career and technical education (CTE) certificate that does not require a degree from an accredited IHE is exempt from the minimum GPA requirement.
  3. shall have 12 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought, unless certification sought is for mathematics or science at or above grade 7; shall have 15 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought if the certification sought is mathematics or science at or above grade 7;


shall have a passing score on the appropriate TX PACT examination as specified in the figure provide in this subparagraph for the calendar year during which the applicant seeks admission. 

Figure: 19 TAC §227.10(a)(4)(C)

Once accepted:

Region 10 CERTification Program will provide TExES content pedagogy exam resources for candidates who are accepted into the program. This exam is a requirement for certificate issuance and will not be available to candidates without program approval.

Contact the certification consultant to discuss which test you would need.


How much does each test cost?

A TX PACT is $106

A TExES exam is $116

(Prices are subject to change.)