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Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Mitigation – Included

This network-based cloud solution offers advanced detection and mitigation technology that minimize the impact of DDoS attacks by rerouting all traffic to one or more scrubbing centers. As a result, only clean traffic is delivered. This service also provides scalable and flexible protection, including authorized, automatic, self-mitigation support options and an unlimited amount of scrubs to districts. This service is provided free of charge to districts that subscribe to the R10 Technology Package.


Kevin Lee
Assistant Director
Technical Services

Offsite Storage – 1 TB Included Free

This service provides districts a secure and convenient way to store critical data offsite. Through a monthly subscription agreement, connectivity can be set up with districts (ESC to ensure secure transport and security of files with Region 10 ESC’s data center.) Storage needs can be expanded as necessary in 1 TB increments; participating districts will be charged a monthly rate.

Backup as a Service (BaaS) – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

Region 10 ESC offers a turnkey backup solution for districts. BaaS service provides cost-effective, managed service for backup and recovery of all types of data. Your backup data is hosted in Region 10 data centers. Region 10 provides backup agents for the district and works with you to handle the configuration, protection, and management of your data. You have complete control of your backup and restore jobs.

Region 10 provides protection for all your structured and unstructured data while enabling self-service restoration capability to your team. We provide support for:

  • Virtualized environments, databases that include Oracle, SQL, SAP, SAP HANA data protection, and email systems, including Exchange and Physical machines

  • All backup data is compressed and deduplicated. Pricing is based on the average monthly consumption of raw storage space used for backups.

Cloud Backup – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

Backing up of district Google Drive and Office 365 environment.

Rackspace – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

Space in a standard 19” rack within the Region 10 ESC data center can be purchased as available. Rackspace service includes an attachment to the UPS with backup power from a dedicated generator. Location is secured with video monitoring as well as guided access to the room with a maintained log of all visitors and timestamps. Badge access is on both access doors. Rackspace is available in increments as small as 1 standard Rack Unit (1RU). Needs can be adjusted as necessary, so districts will be charged a monthly rate based on their allocated space.