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Our vision of the Fiber 10 Network Consortium is to create a regional broadband fiber infrastructure for all Region 10 school districts with competitively priced internet access. More than 70 Region 10 school districts and charter schools are members of our consortium.


David Mendez
Information Security Manager

Objectives of the Regional Network Consortium

  • Be a part of an inclusive network where all districts are on a level playing field

  • Create a reliable and resilient carrier-class fiber infrastructure for all districts in Region 10

  • Future proof your network with cost-effective Internet access – Bandwidth is no longer an issue

  • Provide high-speed buildout to rural areas through consortium pricing

  • Use consortium buying power to layer optional services such as DDoS, firewall, web filtering, and VoIP

Benefits for Region 10 Districts

  • High-Speed Connections to other ESC and statewide networks (LEARN)

  • Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery, Virtual Desktops, Colocation and DDoS Protection

  • Resilient and Unmetered 10GB Connections to each district

  • Shared Services Provided by Region 10, other ESCs, and even other districts

  • YOUR Own Dedicated Fiber Network – not shared

R10 Fiber Network Info & Map