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Network Vulnerability Scanning – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

A vulnerability scan may consist of a scan of servers, PCs or both. The vulnerability scan reports serve as a guide for remediation of vulnerabilities identified during the vulnerability scanning activities. These may be recommendations for system configurations or identification of missing patches or updates. Further evaluation to identify network and system vulnerabilities by assessing management, operations, and technical aspects of an information system may be obtained through the purchase of a comprehensive Network Assessment.


Kevin Lee
Assistant Director
Technical Services

David Mendez
Information Security Manager

InfoSec IQ (HB 3834 Certified) – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

Information security training platform that combines phishing simulation with security awareness training to educate employees, change behaviors and enhance cyber resilience to human-focused attacks. This product is approved by Texas DIR to meet the House Bill (HB) 3834 training requirement for local government employees who have access to a local government computer system or database, and elected officials are required to complete annual cybersecurity awareness training.

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