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Bandwidth Monitoring (Fiber 10 Districts Only) – Included

Access to the portal will provide visibility to the Fiber 10 network, bandwidth utilization, and uptime reports. Logins are provided for districts to view their content from any web-based location or device.


Kevin Lee
Assistant Director
Technical Services

Local Network Monitoring – Included

Monitoring of the local district network is available to assist and notify districts in a timely manner of network failures and outages within the district. Setup and configuration services are included with this service, with notifications delivered to specified district personnel and Region 10 ESC personnel (if requested).

Network Assessment – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

The Network Assessment Service provides an objective review of your district’s network, servers, and technology processes to determine their capacities, and just as important, their vulnerabilities. Region 10 will identify the specific needs of the organization and provide a thorough analysis, including recommendations and options to enhance and support ongoing initiatives.

  • Hardware – Hardware from the desktop to servers will be evaluated and standardization practices will be analyzed.

  • Infrastructure – We will determine and summarize the current state of the network infrastructure, servers, telecommunications and all other technologies used to support the environment now and going forward.

  • Interviews – District leadership, technology department personnel, and end-users will be interviewed to determine the priorities of each level and to understand the vision for the district’s technology.

  • Process – We will assess all technical processes, including hardware refresh, security, and compliance, licensing, backup and disaster recovery.

Network Diagramming – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

The purpose of the network diagram is to demonstrate how one computer or system is linked to others within the network. Region 10 will provide logical and physical diagrams in small or large format as well as in Visio and PDF format for portions or the entirety of the district network. A custom quote will be provided based on the number of locations within the WAN. The engagement will consist of both on-site and remote discovery by trained ESC staff.