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Texas Education Agency (TEA) Security Self-Assessment Assistance
(SB 820) – Included

Region 10 ESC will provide two days per year for district staff to attend self-assessment workshops to assist in completion, updating, and policy creation. Templates are developed and updated throughout the year and will be available to help districts stay ahead of the game on requirements and to strengthen the security posture of the district.


David Mendez
Information Security Manager

Kevin Lee
Assistant Director
Technical Services

Disaster Recovery Framework Planning – Included

Region 10 ESC will provide disaster recovery planning workshop(s) to assist in completing, updating, testing and evaluating the district’s disaster recovery plan. Templates will be provided to members.

On-Site Technical Support (Tier 2) – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

Region 10 ESC technical staff can provide on-site support for PCs, devices, networks, and more. Needs and assistance are provided on an as-needed basis and can be scheduled in half-day or full-day increments. Excluding emergency situations, it is recommended you schedule your day(s) in advance to ensure the availability of appropriate personnel to fulfill your request.

On-Site or Remote Server Assistance (Tier 3) – Reduced Rate (Member Pricing)

To assist districts with costs, the existing Region 10 ESC Network Server Contract will be rolled into the membership costs and provided for all districts on an as-needed basis at a reduced rate per instance. Assistance will be provided by experienced technicians and engineers to ensure that servers and networks are performing at an optimal level.