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Our experienced PEIMS team provides a variety of workshops throughout the year for hands-on assistance, as well as phone and email support. We also provide support to districts outside of Region 10 that purchase a Region 10 Skyward Support contract.


Sharron Zirkelbach
PEIMS Coordinator

  • Texas Student Data System (TSDS) is the software application for the Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS) collection of statewide data requested and received by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). LEAs load, validate and submit data to TEA via TSDS PEIMS, including student demographic and academic performance, personnel, financial and organization information. TSDS PEIMS contains only the data necessary for the legislature and TEA to perform their legally authorized functions in overseeing public education.

  • TSDS Unique ID system enables education agencies to create randomly generated unique identifiers to support all the subsystems of TSDS and to provide cleaner longitudinal education data. Updates and training associated with them are provided during PEIMS Coordinator and PEIMS Basic training; email and phone support are also provided.

  • TSDS Core Collections is used for state, federal and optional reporting. The Early Childhood Data System (ECDS) was the first to be added by TEA. Technical training and support are provided for ECDS, as they will be for all future data collections when added to TSDS Core Collections; email and phone support are also provided.

  • Enrollment Tracking enables weekly submission to TEA of student enrollment and withdrawal dates.

  • Texas Record Exchange (TREx) is a web-based software application designed to facilitate the exchange of electronic student records.

  • TSDS PEIMS Co-op provides phone and email support for member districts. Step-by-step documentation and support are also provided for TSDS submissions including, but not limited to, PEIMS, Core Collections and Enrollment Tracking.

  • PEIMS Coordinator Training days may be scheduled in districts at a discounted rate for PEIMS Co-op members. To ensure the availability of appropriate personnel to fulfill a request, we recommend you schedule your day(s) in advance.

  • Auditing Services is designed to help improve processes and procedures, ensure state rules are followed, and help establish internal monitoring procedures for your district. Audit days are offered at a discounted rate for all PEIMS Co-op members. Audits include Attendance Audits, Leaver Audits, Calendar Minutes, and Discipline. It is highly recommended you schedule your day(s) in advance to ensure the availability of appropriate personnel to properly fulfill your request.

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