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LEAs who receive federal funds are required to provide equitable services for eligible private nonprofit school children, teachers, and other educational personnel.  Services provided by the LEAs for private school participants must be designed to meet educational needs and supplement the educational services by the private schools. After consultation, private schools may receive equitable services in Title I Part A, Title I Part C, Title II, Title III, and Title IV Parts A & B. The LEA must spend the funds on behalf of the private schools, and the funds must never be given to a private nonprofit school.

Statute from ESEA as amended through ESSA, enacted December 10, 2015 contains two sections related to these equitable services:




Title I, Part A Best Practices for Use of Funds Guidance, Private Nonprofit Equitable Services

Best Practices for Using Title IV, Part A Funds Under ESSA to Support Private Nonprofit School Needs

PNP Excessive Carryover Waiver Request - Revised 10-1-18

PNP Affirmation of Consultation for Formula Grants 2018-2019

PNP Affirmation of Consultation for Title IV, Part B 2018-2019

Instructions for Completing PNP Affirmation of Consultation 2018-2019

Collaborative Partnerships, The Statewide PNP Equitable Services Newsletter

Volume 1, Edition 1    April 30, 2019

Volume 1, Edition 2Coming Fall 2019

Best Practices in Action

Best Practices in Action: PNP Equitable Services Form





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