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LOTE Modes of Communication - New TEKSThe strands of the TEKS are based on 3 modes of communication

The 3 modes are the 3 strands in the TEKS. No matter what the level of instruction - novice, intermediate, advanced, or superior - these strands are the same. Students will communicate in presentations, interpersonally, and interpretively at their appropriate level of proficiency.


Interpersonal Communication

Students engage in direct oral or written communication with others.  Examples of this “two-way” communication include but are not limited to conversing face-to-face, participating in digital discussions and messaging, and exchanging personal letters.


Interpretive Communication

Students demonstrate understanding of spoken and written communication within appropriate cultural contexts. Examples of this type of “one-way” reading or listening include but are not limited to comprehension of digital texts, as well as printed, audio, and audiovisual materials.


Presentational Communication

Students present information, concepts, and ideas in spoken or written form to an audience of listeners or readers with whom there is no immediate interaction. Examples of this “one-to-many” mode of communication include but are not limited to a presentation to a group; creating and posting digital content; or writing reports, compositions, or articles for a magazine or newspaper.

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