Region 10 Video Showcase Transcript


>> Meredith Clark: We're here at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

in Plano for a learning experience that is not only out

of the box, but out of the building.

>> Holly Bishop: The great thing about being outside

is the teachers have an opportunity to slow down,

be with nature, interact and participate together

in a less stressful setting and just taking from

nature what we can. 

And not only does it affect the artistic nature

of the children, not only does it affect

and enhance science learning,

it also helps just a whole social

and emotional being of the students.

I tell kids all the time too, the reason you need to know

things about rivers is if you ever buy a house on a river,

which bank do you wanna be on?

>> Meredith Clark: As we walk through the park we'll actually

gather trash to clean up the park, which is good

for the environment and then we'll use those pieces

of rubbish to create our own artworks based on art by

a Chilean poet and visual artist Cecilia Vicuña.

We'll also talk about how the leaves change color,

and we'll make artwork fashioned after the art of

Andy Goldsworthy.

So we'll be integrating science and art in a fun interactive

way that's structured so your students can learn

in the great outdoors.

>> Holly Bishop: Had the kids bring in,

say, "Bring in some stuff from home."

>> Meredith Clark: We'll use special cell phone cameras

as microscopes to get an up-close look at nature.

>> Susan Harris: As a participant of the Learning on Location,

I felt like the day was just a great way to learn

for us as participants, instead of being in a classroom.

We're able to be outside, we learned a lot

not only from the presenters,

but other participants as well.

>> Holly Bishop: Look for our fliers, we send them VIA


For further information, you can email me

at and I'll be happy to

keep you updated with the fliers that we have,

or add you to our LISTSERVs so you're always in the loop

with our new outdoor learning opportunities.

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