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Region 10 Video Showcase Transcript



We are Region 10 Education Service Center.

You ask "Okay, so what is a Region 10?"

First off, let's turn the clock back to 1967 to when the Texas Legislature

decided to form 20 regional service centers.

Key to their mission: that middle word 'ESC' provides critically important

'services' to educators.

Here at Region 10 we supply services to superintendents,

principals, teachers - in fact to anyone who works at a school and even directly

to some students.

We have purchasing co-ops.

We give administrators a place to list job openings.

We offer bus driver certification, STAAR tools, school

secretary and principal roundtables, student enrichment activities [sped up, rapidly

increasing speech] - you get the picture.

At Region 10 we're awfully busy serving more than 48,000

administrators and school staff, 55,000 teachers and 860,000 students in 130

independent school districts, charters and private schools - that's across eight

North Texas counties and parts of two others.

So you get it.

Ultimately we serve a lot of educators who are working to

teach a lot of young minds.

In short, we like to say we're all about helping

students, providing service and delivering solutions.

We are Region 10.


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