Region 10 Video Showcase Transcript


Region 10 ESC: Year in Review

babies two three years old this is when

they're learning how to move their

muscles and move their fingers and

wiggle their toes and crawl across the

floor and all of these things are

critical for learning we want children

to be successful children families

succeeding in life


to me early headstart is is not



it's been a calling really been doing it

for twenty plus years and it's just

something you know growing up in an

environment similar to what our families

have been growing up to that was just

something that I knew I wanted to do I

wanted to give back

these ladies pour their hearts and souls

into these kiddos trying to help them

get on track


every child that I teach every child

that I'm able to be with the look in

their eyes when they're so proud and

they've done it on their own without me

is it's totally priceless they don't get

to just sit at home and be left behind

they get all the the love the nurturing

the playing and the learning is there

growing they see that there's hope that

they're safe where you come from no

matter what you are who you are no

matter what you're going through

a head-turner Head Start is going to

help you we're the beginning foundation

for the rest of their lives and they're

gonna make a difference I think that's

the best thing about our program and

that we get to have that privilege to be

a part of that we want to see them be

the best learners they can be when they

come into kindergarten and first grade

and third grade in and college and

career-ready in the sky's the limit and

this is this is where it starts



your home is loving and caring and you

want the best for your child and we do

too we also love them we care for them

we're nurturing them and we're giving

them that educational learning

environment all day long the parents are

the first and most important teacher

it's working together with the family

it's got to be a partnership er it's not

going to work

oh I get excited when I'm able to help a

channel in their family it's showing

them how to be successful you have

people who genuinely teachers who

genuinely care for the children they

want to see those children succeed once

they leave them and they transition to

their next educational setting we may

not see it and that's the hard part

we may not see it this year you're not

saying next year but it'll be soon at

some point in our community



I can see the difference that a

headstart program and an early headstart

program makes I've worked with families

I've talked with moms with dads they

have grown for the better just the fact

that it helps our teen moms stay in

school and go ahead and finish a diploma

that to me is enough right there but it

goes beyond that because not only is it

helpful for the parent to finish school

but they're also working with those teen

moms giving them skills to be good

parents we have hum visitors in our

three Early Head Start sites they visit

the child's home once a week and work

with the parents to enhance their

parenting skills and set goals with them

brain development occurs from birth to

five so many connections are being made

it's about talking with and reading with

your child and using a cereal box as a

book and using an oatmeal kennis

canister as a toy


you can see your child blossom from the

first day of class to the last day of


that's just cult that's growth it's

progress it's and the amazing thing is

no matter where your child starts out

you will see progress the best

interventions that can ever take place

our early interventions and that's

exactly what we're doing with early

headstart we're here to help your child

soar we're here to help your child be

the best learner that they can be