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The mission of Region 10 is to be a trusted, student-focused partner that serves the
learning community through responsive, innovative educational solutions.


We believe that student success is our primary goal.

We believe that every student deserves a quality education.

We believe that service is based on trust and relationships.

We believe that we can impact positive change.

We believe that we must take risks to transform schools.

We believe that we must be leaders for best practice, innovation, and lifelong learning.

We believe that people matter.


We will put the needs of our students and districts first.

We will always ensure policies and practices support student, teacher and organizational success.

We will always give voice to our stakeholders in the design and implementation of initiatives.

We will respect and encourage others through our words, actions, and work.

We will ensure that all employees share in the beliefs of Region 10 ESC.

We will view excellence and expertise as our standard performance measures.

We will positively embrace innovation and adapt to our ever changing world.

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