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403(b) Third Party Administrator (TPA)


Various state laws and Internal Revenue Service requirements place responsibilities on school districts to administer a 403b plan for their employees. The Region 10 RAMS - 403b TPA service provides districts a professional and cost effective method for meeting those responsibilities. Services provided include common remitter, compliance monitoring, online access for employees, and screening of new vendors. 

Under the contract with Region 10 the third party administrator is not allowed to sell 403b products in order for districts and their employees to receive neutral and unbiased service. Because of this requirement the program currently has the largest number of 403b vendors approved by TRS of any TPA doing business in Texas.

As of March 31, 2023, the Region 10 RAMS 403(b) TPA service was being utilized by 184 entities to monitor the individual plans of 50,257 employees.