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457 Cooperative


The Internal Revenue Code allows employees of school districts to save for their retirement through a district sponsored 457 Retirement Savings Plan. As the sponsor of the plan, school districts have a fiduciary responsibility toward their employees.

The Region 10 RAMS 457 is designed so that member districts meet that responsibility through the program’s investment advisory committee and a contracted Registered Investment Adviser. Fees related to the operation of the plan are paid by the employees that invest in it thus it costs the district nothing to provide this benefit to employees. The fees involved are far below the industry average for this type of plan because the cooperative plan allows for access to high quality investments normally available only to large institutional investors such as corporate pension funds.

As of March 31, 2023, the Region 10 RAMS 457 Cooperative Plan held $501.3 million for 36,239 employees in 192 entities.