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Attendance The Ascender Attendance application puts you in control of your attendance regulations, allowing you the flexibility to implement your district methodologies. Keep up with attendance periods required by local policies and practices while specifying an official attendance accounting period. Your district’s funding is based on an accurate total accounting of student attendance; let Ascender Attendance keep track for you.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Attendance secretaries and staff responsible for maintaining the campus calendar information and updating attendance records. Campus administrators may find this training helpful to assist with navigation within the application, specifically reports.

Discipline The Ascender Discipline application lets you track student behavioral infractions and subsequent actions implemented by school officials over multiple school years. Address and regulate inappropriate student behavior more effectively with the up-to-date and fully PEIMS-compliant application. Discipline data can be used at the campus or district level by administrators to evaluate the efficacy of various actions taken by staff. Campus administrators can review and approve referrals submitted by teachers in the teacher portal, txGradebook.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Assistant Principals,  Discipline Offers, and any staff responsible for entering,  monitoring or reporting discipline to PEIMS. 

Grade Reporting With Ascender Grade Reporting you configure your semesters, district-defined master schedule, grade averaging and honor roll calculations, report cards, and transcripts. Several grading methods are supported, including elementary skills-based. Get the end of your course wrapped up by computing semester and final grades. Your schools are complex so we provide you with a flexible, customizable application to get your grading done your way. The Grade Reporting Application contains numerous areas of information, therefore we offer multiple trainings for this one application. 

Training - Varies: Half day training (3 hours) to Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - Campus Secretaries, counselors,  or staff responsible for creating and maintaining student grades, honor roll and student schedules. 

Graduation Plan

Ascender Graduation Plan application allows you to create multiple graduations plans and assign individual students to a specific track. Authorize graduation plans for individual students or for entire groups of students at the campus level, and keep up with graduation plans by viewing the number of credits earned, in progress and still remaining at any time through the year.

With the personal graduation plan tab in the Graduation Plan Application, everyone is on the same page. Fill in all the information you need including district-defined industry credentials and certifications, accelerated learning plans, monitor plans, parent/guardian expectations, and endorsements. Check STAAR EOC assessment scores, cumulative GPA and rank, college preparation through assessment scores, and diagnostic information like G/T or LEP status. The simple and elegant design includes the capability to print everything on one page, which means that students, teachers, counselors, and parents are all up to speed. Ascender makes it easy for everyone to get the most out of personal graduation plans.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Counselors, campus administrative staff and campus staff that will be setting up and maintaining the district's Graduation Requirement plan. If the administrator is not involved in scheduling, someone who is involved in maintaining district and campus level course creation for the next year scheduling should attend in order to have knowledge of how the Graduation Plan and the Scheduling Application work together. 

Health Ascender Health is an application that makes health record keeping easy. Create and update immunizations, screenings, accidents, office visits and medical alerts. Health tools help you keep abreast of state reporting and maintain health data in an efficient, cost-effective manner. The application includes a report notifying nursing staff when a student is due for immunizations. 

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - District staff and nurses responsible for data entry and reporting of student vaccination and health records.

Registration Ascender Registration is a powerful tool that keeps all your valuable records up to date efficiently and safely. Record, track, and update student information like contact information, birthdays, as well as participation in special programs like gifted and talented, bilingual, band, special education, and career technology (CTE). All of this and much more serves as the data bank from which other student applications draw demographic information so you can rest assured that identical information is available to the other Ascender Student applications.

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in data entry and basic information reporting.

Scheduling Ascender Scheduling produces next year courses and sections you create from the current year master schedule. It features adaptable scheduling concepts like two-semester and four-semester school years, alternate modified block, and team teaching. Furthermore, Scheduling allows you to use effective tools like the scheduler that places course sections in periods with the least number of student conflicts, creating the best possible master schedule for you.

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - Counselors, principals, and staff who work are associated in creating a master schedule and scheduling students for the next school year.

Special Education Ensure that eligible students are enrolled in special education and receiving the appropriate services based on their needs with Ascender Special Education. Designed with the many state and federal guidelines for special education, this application provides a centralized solution for tracking data for PEIMS purposes.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in data entry and PEIMS reporting.

Test Scores Ascender Test Scores makes it easy to maintain student test score information, including assessment scores for STAAR, TAKS, SDAA II, TELPAS, PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP, and ITBS. Because all this data is maintained continually throughout the school year, information from previous years remains available so that you can track progress. Add new test results easily by uploading them to the Ascender system.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Counselors Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in importing the student's test data and data entry. This would include counselors and administrative staff whose input into what test data is most helpful. 

Office of Civil Rights (OCR) The OCR system is a federal reporting system that enables local education agencies (LEAs) to provide information to the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights (OCR). This information includes student enrollment and educational programs and services data that is disaggregated by race/ethnicity, sex, limited English proficiency, and disability. The Ascender OCR application provides support for the collection and flat file submission for School Form Part 1 and School Form Part 2. LEA Form Part 1 and LEA Form Part 2 is not supported in this application and should be completed through the OCR website.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - PEIMS Coordinators and PEIMS Clerks or anyone who will be doing data entry for special programs.

State Reporting (PEIMS) The State Reporting Application allows LEA's to extract their PEIMS data from all applications into one central application where the data can be validated. The State Reporting Interchanges utility collects data from the Ascender State Reporting pages, creates XML files, and packages them for transfer to TEA. You can create all of the interchanges at one time, or you can do them one at a time.

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - PEIMS Coordinators and PEIMS Clerks or anyone who will be doing data entry for special programs.

txGradebook txGradebook is a web-based classroom management system that allows teachers to maintain and post student data including attendance, assignments, cycle grades and discipline referrals. Multiple grading concepts are supported, including standards-based and elementary skills-based to accommodate district requirements. txGradebook is fully integrated with the Ascender Student applications, implementing all updates and schedule changes in real time, eliminating errors and saving staff time. The application features a classroom seating chart with student photos, student grouping, detailed interim progress reports (IPRs), an assignment grade import utility, multiple levels of teacher notes, and various other reports. 

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in creating or assisting teachers with their gradebooks. Campus administrators or designated staff who decides how the gradebooks are setup or the grade calculations. Teachers who will be using the gradebook to record grades. 

txConnect txConnect is a web-based parent portal application that provides parents and guardians access to current student-related information including attendance, assignments, grades, discipline, test scores, and immunization records. txConnect works in conjunction with txGradebook, allowing parents to view data entered by teachers. The application also supports a district-level parent account for accessing multiple students with a single login. All grades and discipline information are updated in real time. Parents always have access to the latest data. Parents can enroll their students online and submit changes to information such as phone numbers, addresses and emergency contacts. Parents can also subscribe to customizable attendance and grade-related alerts for each student. New Student Enrollment: txConnect also allows you to create customized forms for online student registration and allow parents to register their students and maintain data online. Enhanced functionality walks parents through the enrollment process step by step. Improved organization and simplification will mean less confusion and less hassle. Happier parents, and happier administrators – what more could you ask for?

Training - Full day training (6 hours)
Audience - Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in creating or assisting parents with their parent portal accounts. Campus administrators or designated staff who create or maintain online or new student registration. 

txMyZone txMyZone is a web-based student application that provides access to individual graduation plans, and allows students to request courses and print schedules for the next school year. txMyZone is fully integrated with the Ascender Student applications and provides real-time updates. Districts have the ability to customize campus messages and control user access through various customizable security options.

Training -  Half day training (3 hours)
Audience - Secretaries, Registrars, or any other job role who would be involved in creating or assisting students with their Graduation Plan or next year scheduling. Campus administrators or counselors monitoring student schedules.

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