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A growing body of contemporary research shows that skilled and supported instructional coaches can have profound impacts on schools. Region 10 strives to equip and enable this hybrid role with immersive experiences, real-world insight, and research-supported strategies.

The Instructional Coaching Program site hosts content, resources, and learning opportunities specifically curated to foster the growth of high caliber professionals within the Instructional Coaching community. Together we serve our most important clients: children who are destined to shape a brighter future for us all.

There are multiple opportunities for teachers to grow professionally and improve their professional teaching practice. This course supports that effort by empowering teachers to incorporate a peer coaching model into their regular instructional practice. Throughout this course, participants will learn how peer coaching can improve student learning by offering teachers a methodical way to collaborate and make instructional decisions based on outside observation, data, and reflection. This course supports teachers in building relationships with their colleagues in order to have effective communication and productive conferencing, as both a coach and coaching partner.

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