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Mentor / New Teacher Program


New teacher holding book, reading with three students


Mentor Teacher Training Program

Empowering New Teachers, Mentor Teacher Support - Virtual - First Tuesday of every month.R10 Empowering New Teacher Mentor Pathway will provide support, guidance and professional development for mentor teachers who work with new teachers.

The training materials are designed for a 2-day session in the summer, followed by 3 separate days throughout the school year.  Adjustments can be made to fit the district's needs for professional development.

Mentor Teacher Support Sessions Flyer

Summer Day One:  Introduction to mentoring

  • What is mentoring?
  • Standards of practice
  • Mentoring partnerships
  • Mentoring through coaching

Summer Day Two:  Mentoring for the learning environment 

  • Classroom culture
  • Structure and expectations
  • Managing behaviors
  • Communication skills and planning conversations

Day Three Content:  Mentoring for instructional design

  • Instructional plans
  • Research-based techniques
  • Observations & data gathering
  • Debrief conversations & goal setting

Day Four Content:  Mentoring to improve data-driven instruction

  • Student assessments
  • Analyzing & interpreting data
  • Reteaching plans
  • Reflective conversations & feedback 

Day Five Content:  Mentoring to develop new teacher capacity

  • Understanding new teacher needs
  • Differentiating support
  • Professional conversations


Request more info:  Mentor Teacher Training Program

New Teacher Support

flyer for New Teachers Support sessions every 3rd Thursday of every month. QR code. Christopher Gray, M.Ed. R10 Empowering New Teacher Training will provide support, guidance, and professional development for 0–2-year classroom teachers. 

Select 1-3 sessions from the support menu that meet the needs of your 0-2 yr classroom teachers. 

Get all five sessions by joining a cohort or providing a group of 15+ classroom teachers-Region 10 provides all sessions throughout the school year with an included portfolio component.

New Teacher Support Sessions Flyer

Session 1:

  • Building Relationships with Students
  • Family partnerships
  • Classroom Management / Culture

Session 2:

  • Standards Unpacking
  • Lesson Planning
  • Parent Communication

Session 3:

  • Data-Driven Instruction
  • Time Management
  • Systematic Instruction

Session 4:

  • Developing partnerships with parents and families
  • Contributing to a school community

Session 5:

  • Student differentiation
  • Planning for Year 2
  • Yearly reflection
  • Differentiation for teacher needs


Request more info:  New Teacher Support


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