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This image represents an umbrella protecting ALL Students. It takes parent engagement, team work, school/community collaboration, professional development, and curriculum design with a focus on post-secondary skills to ensure that the a social and emotional learning, academic needs and behavior supports are in place for all students.

Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) is a unique way of organizing systems of processes and procedures that allows Local Education Agencies (LEAs) to create Prevention, Enrichment and Intervention opportunities for All Children, Whole Child through

  • authentic collaborative and active engagement with parents and community members 
  • building strong school leadership through intentional planning 
  • developing effective, well supported teachers through professional development, coaching and mentoring 
  • creating a positive school/district culture design with compelling and aligned vision, mission, goals and values; explicit behavioral expectations and management systems; and responsive student support services
  • providing high quality curriculum that is designed provides opportunities for teachers to collaborate on instructional materials, data, differentiation, etc. to build stronger Universal (Tier 1)  instruction for ALL children.
  • ensuring effective instruction through fidelity of objective driven daily lessons, classroom routines and formative assessments yield the data necessary for teachers to reflect, adjust and deliver instruction that meets the needs of each student.

When strong systems are in place, it keeps learning constant and time variable while meeting the needs of ALL Children, Whole Child. When the systems are strong and sustainable, the needs of ALL Teachers, Whole Teacher are also met.

The goal of MTSS is to ensure All children are ready to enter College, a Career or Military when they complete their PreK-12 educational journey. Each step of this journey helps the next step in transforming a child into a scholar.

In a strong and sustainable MTSS Framework, Social & Emotional, Academic, and Behavior needs of the student are taken into consideration at each level of Instruction: Universal (Tier 1), Targeted (Tier 2) and Intensive (Tier 3). To support this approach, strong collaboration and collective responsibility must happen at every level. Communication, Collaboration and Collective Responsibility are vital in sustaining an MTSS Framework.


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